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CNA state- mg

cna- mg

Who is resposible for providing ADL care to the patient or resident? Nursing Assistant
What are qualities or characteristics of the Nurse Aid? reliable, honest, dependable, and efficient
Who spends the most time with the resident? CNA
What is an ADL? activities of daily living- bathing, eating, sleeping, etc.
Do CNA's give medications? No medicines should be given by the CNA.
Who is first in the chain of command? Doctor
Who can take orders from a Doctor? Nurses
All responsibilities of the CNA are detailed in a _______________________. job description
A document used to discribe the plan that will be used to care for a patient or resident is called a ____________________. care plan
A male CNA are sometimes called an________________ orderly
What does having good ethics mean? Knowing right from wrong.
When a patient or resident is hard of hearing, cant speak, or speaks another lanquage, they have what type of barrier? communication barrier
What are some things you have to document on the patients chart? v/s, I&O, ADL
What should be included when documenting in a chart? Name, Time, and Date.
Why is good body mechanics so important? To prevent injuries.
What is a microorganism called that causes disease? Pathogen
What is the best way to prevent the spread of pathogens? Good handwashing.
How do you prevent a decubitus ulcer? turn q 2, keep dry and clean, message red areas, and report skin changes.
What causes a bed sore? extended pressure on a bony area.
What is objective data? A sign that something is wrong with the patient.
What is subjective data? A symptom felt by the patient.
A specimen that is cougthed up is called a __________. Sputum specimen
When collecting a specimen on a patient, what are some things to remember? Have the right patient and specimen. Document time and date. Report that specimen was collected.
How far do you insert the tube into rectum when giving an enema? 2 inches
What do you call the top number in a blood pressure reading? systolic
What do you call the bottom number in a blood pressure reading? diastolic
What is perineal care? Cleaning private areas
How and when is catheter care performed? Clean area of insertion and 4 inches down tube. Daily.
How much ice should be put in ice packs? 1/2 full
If heat is applied tp entire body, it is called _________________. generalized
If heat is applied to one area it is called ________________________________. localized
What should be the tempature of the water when giving a bath? 105-115 degrees F.
How many cc's is in a quart? 1000 cc
How many cc's are in an ounce? 30 cc
What measurment is equal to a cc? ml
What does post op mean? after surgery
What is another name for a short term illness? acute illness
What is another name for an illness in which the person will die from this disease? terminal illness
What is needed in order to put a patient in restraints? a doctors order
What is universal precautions? Treat everyone as if they have a disease.
What does RACE stand for? remove, activate alarm, contain fire, and evacuate
What is the most common accidents that occur in the nursing home? Falls
Swelling is the tissues is called______________. edema
Any object that has germs is considered __________________. contaminated
Where do microorganisms live best? warm, dark, moist places.
What type of report should be filled out when an incident occurs? Incident report
Who is resposible for accident prevention in a facility? the entire staff
Where should safety belts be worn? over clothing
What is an artificial or fake body part? prothesis
What is supine position? face up
What is prone position? face down
What is sims position? left side
What is adduction? moving body part toward the body.
What is abduction? moving body part away from body.
What is flexion? bending body part
What is extention? straightening body part
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