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Nursing 122: Final

Ethics, RN Education, Magent Hospital, Research

Ethics 1. study of difference between right/wrong 2. study of good conduct,character, and motives3.what is good for all people4.set of rules that govern right conduct
Early Nurse Educators-Florence Nightingale -Believed in continued learning through the nurses' lifetime-Created School of Nursing in London
Early Nurse Educators-Linda Richards -Found and reorganized 10 schools of nursing-Proved that trained nurses gave better care, than those without formal nursing education
Early Nurse Educators-Isabelle Hampton Robb -Emphasized role of nursing student as a learner, not employee
Early Nurse Educators-Lavinin Dock -wrote one of the 1st Nursing Texts
Early Nurse Educators-Mary A.Nutting 1st nurse to be appointed to be a University Professor in 1910 @Columbia Uni.
Early Nurse Educators-Dr.M.Montag Founder of Associate programs in 1951
1912-The Flexner Report Studied medical schools, results included closed inadequate medical schools, consolidating others and establishing medical schools in University settingsA. Nutting proposed a study of nursing education to the Carnegie Foundation
1923-Goldmark Report (Nursing and Nursing Education) 6 Nurses: A. Nutting,Mary Beard, Lillian Clay, Annie Goodrich, Lillian Wald, Helen Wood*Weakness:hospital based programs-sevice before education*Conclusion:nursing needs to be in University setting
1948-The Brown Report Hospital based programs have the same problems as earlier, Nursing education belongs in a University setting
Levels of Education-CNA -75hr program to earn certificat-each state determines skills that can performed by a CNA-PCT-UAP
Levels of Education-RN Associate 2 yr program, basic science/theoritical/clinical realted to nursing
RN to BSN designed to assist the practicing RN obtain a BSN in Nursing
BSN to RN designed for students w/BSN in science, offered at college level, usually accelerated 12 month nursing program
Nursing Theories-Nursing paradigm in 1984Person-individual,family, groupHealth-continuumEnvironment-place or communityNursing actions-nurse w/ patient
Nursing Theories-Nightingale 1st theorist: patient is passive recipent of care and the environment is manipulated to achieve or maintain health;describe nursing as art/science;stressed importance of care for ill person,not illness;health is direct influence of environmental influence
Nursing Theories-Hilegard Peplau 1952;defined the concepts and stages involved in the developement of nurse-client realtionships
Nursing Theories-Virginia Henderson 1955;viewed the nursing role as helping the patient move from dependence to independence-1955, was attempting to define nursing 14 basic needs
Nursing Theories-Faye Abdellah 1960,Took Henderson's 14 need and came up w/ 21 problems to serve as base for nursing diagnostic labels
Nursing Theories-Joyce Travelbee 1966,Sympathy,empathy,rapport;the meaning of the illness to the individual determines how people respond to the illness
Nursing Theories-Myra Levine 1967,the patient is the center of all nursing activties.Nursing care is based on 4 principles to help patients to adept to their environement4 Principles of ConservationEnergy,Structural Integrity, Personal Integrity, and Social Integrity
Nursing Theories-Martha Rogers 1970;person and environment are energy fields;nursing is a science and an art-science is an abstract body of knowledge
Nursing Theories-Sister Callista Roy 1974;the person is a biopsychosocial being in constant interaction w/ internal and external environment
Nursing Theories-Dorothea Orem 1971;people need nursing when they are unable to care for themselves, self-care deficit theory: self care deficit determines need for nursing-not a medical diagnosis
Nursing Theories-Majorie Gordan 1994;developed a nursing based organizational framework for nursing diagnosis
Research1980 Dr.Codman "evidence based practice"
Politics the art or science of influencing public policy
Created by: mweigman