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Geo 11

Study Guide

What forces formed the alps? Plate tectonics and glaciers
What underwater structure connects Britain to mainland Europe? The Chunnel
Which features are most typical of a marine west coast climate? Cool summers and mild winters
Which country is western Europe's leading agricultural producer? France
Why does mainland Europe have a wider variety of plant life than the British Isles? Mainland Europe has a more diverse climate than the British Isles
In what year did World War I begin? 1914
What conflict ended when the government of the Soviet Union fell apart? Cold War
When did the two halves of Germany reunite? After the Soviet Union lost control of Eastern Europe
What is the most common Romance language in Western Europe? French
Which of the following is one of the world's most famous playwrights? William Shakespeare
Why is Western Europe's economy called post industrial? More people work in service jobs than in manufacturing?
Which body of water lies along Britain's east coast? North Sea
What makes the soils of Northern European Plain so good for farming? They contain humus
What did the Romans build to transport water to cities and towns? Aqueducts
Which of the following statements about the Hundred Year's War is accurate? It contributed to the spread of the Black Death
Which two mountain ranges separate Western Europe from Southern Europe? The Pyrenees and Alps
What was the system of land ownership and farming during the Middle ages called? Feudalism
Who were the Scandinavian warriors and pirates who eventually became better known for exploring and trading? Vikings
What is the tallest mountain in the Alps? Mont Blanc
People in the Netherlands build dikes and reclaim land from the sea that they call what? Polders
For our class purposes, what is the definition of Geography? The study of Earth and all its components
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