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Birth of a Child

Gynecological emergencies

What is a developing baby called? Fetus
How far must the cervis dilate in order to allow labor to happen? 4 inches or 10 cm
How long is the umbilical cord? 1 inch wide, 22 inches long
What is the first stage of labor? Regular contractions, thinning of cervix, ends when cervix is full dilated.
What is the second stage of labor? When the baby enters the birth canal.
What is the third stage of labor? Baby has been born, placenta expelled.
What is the first stage of labor also called? Dilation period
How should all third trimester patients be transported? Laying on their left side.
How do you time contractions? From the beginning from one to the beginning to the next.
What do you suction first when the baby has been delivered? Mouth
How far do you insert the tip of the bulb syring into the baby's mouth? 1 to 1/2 inches
Once the baby is delivered how do you postion him? Laying down with his head slightly lower than his body but still keeping with the same level as the mothers vagina.
A normal newborn should have a pulse greater then what? 100/min
How soon should a newborn begin breathing? Within 30 seconds
If the baby does not start to breath at what rate should you provide ventilations? 40 to 60/min
How often should chest compressions on a newly born be delivered? 120/min
What is the ratio of compressions to breaths in a newly born? 3:1 - 90 compressions, 30 ventilations
What type of oxygen is best delivered to a newly born who's face and torso are cyanotic? 15 liters per minute by blow by method
When is it okay to cut and clamp the cord in a normal birth? Once the infant is breathing on his own
Where should the first clamp go on the cord? 10 inches from baby
Where should the second clamp go on the cord? 7 inches from baby
What is a breech presentation? Buttocks or both legs first delivery
What type of paitent care do you give to a mother who's having a breeh presentation? Rapid transport, high cincentration oxygen, place mother in head down postion with pelvis elevated.
What type of patient care is given to a mother who is having a prolapsed umbilical cord birth? Mothers head down, buttocks raised, high flow oxygen via nonrebreather. Keep cord warm and check for pulse, insert gloved fingers to take pressure off cord. Transport.
What patient care is needed when there is a limb presentation? Take any pressure off cord, rapid transport, high flow oxygen via nonrebreather, mother should be in head down postion with pelvis elevated.
What patient care is needed when twins are being delievered in a non hospital setting? Clamp and tie cord of first baby before the second is born. Second baby could be born before or after placenta.
What is a premature infant? A baby who weighs less than 5 1/2lbs or one who is born before the 37th week of pregnancy.
Explain patient for a premature infant. Keep the baby warm, keep airway clear, give CPR and ventilations as needed, check cord for bleeding, keep baby away from infection, transport infant in a warm ambulance that's 90F to 100F.
What is meconium staining? Wastes from the fetus which is a sign that it is in distress.
Expalin patient care for meconium staining. Reduce risk of aspiration, suction mouth then nose, maintain open airway, provide ventilations or CPR as needed, transport.
What is placenta previa? condition where placenta is formed in abnormal location.
What is abruptio placentae? A condition in which the placenta sepearates from the uterine wall.
What is an ectopic pregnancy? When the egg implants itself in an abnormal location such as the oviduct.
Explain patient care for an ectopic pregnancy. Rapid transport, treat and care for shock, high flow oxygen via nonrebreather, do not give patient anything using the mouth.
When is a baby born early considered an abortion? Born before 28th week of pregnancy.
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