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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Andes & Mid Latitude Countries (south America)

The Andes are the longest continuous group of mountain ranges in the world. true
What is the correct order, from north to south, of the countries that make up the bulk of the Andean region in south America? Peru, Bolivia , Chile
Which causes the weather disturbances called El Nino and La Nina? Changes in wind patterns & ocean currents in the pacific ocean cause unusual & extreme weather in some places in south America
which of the following statement about the mineral resources of the Andean and mid latitude countries of south America is Accurate? the region has a number of mineral resources
Both chile & Argentina have has women as presidents. true
which term describes the area of Pure between Andes and the Pacific? Coastal desert
Which statement accurately describes an aspect of Inca civilization? highly sophistical
who held the highest positions in the Inca's highly struced socitey? The Emperor's high priest & commander of Army
Which Spanish conquistador conquered the empire of the empire of the Inca? Francisco Pizarro
For what purpose did the Inca use the device known as the quipu? As a counting device
Which generalization about south America government is most Valid? Weak dictatorships
Buenos Aries is the capital of Chile. false
How does the population of Peru differ from other countries in the region? Have a large native population/ have african ancestors/ different torgians
why do coastal portions of the region have the highest population density? coastal regions often fertile land, favorite climates & easy traspation
which phrase accurately describes Isabel Allende? Contemporary writer of great disintican
Guarani customs and folk art are an important part of the culture in which south American Nation? Paraguay
Why did 4 south Americans firm Mercosur in 1991? For better trade and economics
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