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Social Studies Ch-2

indigenous people, meaning they belong to and are native to this place.
Missionaries are religious people who want to convert others to their religion.
Indentured servants people who had to work for a period of time to gain freedom.
boycotted refused to buy British Goods
Louisiana Purchase the sale of the land
Immigrants people who move to one country from another.
Industrial Revolution the change from making goods by hand, to making them by machine.
Abolitionists people who believed that slavery was wrong and wanted to end, or abolish, its practice.
Segregate to separate
Labor Force supply of workers
Holocaust the horrible mass murder
Cold War a period of great tension
Civil Rights the rights belonging to all citizens
Terrorists use violence to frighten people or governments or to express views.
Dominion a self governing area
Bilingual that is, Canada had two official languages- English and French.
Acid Rain rain that dissolves theses acids and carries them to Earth.
Tariffs free charged on imported goods
Free Trade trade without taxes on imported goods
Created by: Kayla1