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topic one


Structure any object that provides support; a structure may be large or small; for example, a chair can be a structure
Structure Strength the capacity of a structure to support both the load of its own master, and hold its hold up and it can add weight
Structure Stability The ability of a structure to maintain its position even when it’s being acted on by forces; being balanced, difficult to topple over
Force : a push or pull that tends to cause an object to change its movement or shape; force is measured in new tons; an example of force would be pushing a scooter
Solid Structure Structure made of a solid piece of a strange material for example, a cement pen
Frame Structure Structure consisting a rigid arrangement, of parts joined together for example a Skelton
Shell Structure Structure with a solid outer surface and a hollow inner area for example a Styrofoam cup
Combination Structure Use the best of the three basic forms to advantage
Function The use or purpose of a structure for example of the function of a thermos is too keep as a drink to keep cool in the summer
Inukshuk What human need does an Inukshuk meet
Aesthetics the pleasing appearance of effect that an object has because of its design
Stonehenge is an ancient monument on the Salichuly Plain in England