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Brady pre hospital

8th edition pre hospital

If you stop treatment of the patient without tranferring the care to another competent perfessional of an equal or higher level of training and certification or licensure. Abadonment
(Instructions written in advance) against resuscitation, signed by the patient, is a legally recoognized document. Advance Directive
3 Types of advance directives. DNR,A living will,A health care durable power of attorney
A legal document or order that most often governs resuscitation issues only! DNR
A willful treat to inflict harm on a patient. Assault
The Act of touching a patient unlawfully without his or her consent. Battery
Federal regulations that ensure the public access to emergency health care regardless of ability to pay. "Patient Dumping" Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act(COBRA)(EMTALA)
You release information to the public in either a written or spoken form that is construted to be damaging to that persons character or reputation or standing in the community. Defamation
Legal Obligation to provide service, whether you think the patient needs an ambulance or not. Duty TO ACT
Anti-patient dumping statute, Specifically deals with a patient seeking medical care for an emgency condition, whether it is due to an injury or an illness. Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act(EMTALA)
The patient has the mental capacity to make a decision, able to rational decision and informed of the assessment and procedures you will be preforming and all pr related risks responsive Expressed Consent
patient who is unresponsive, or who is not competent or who is unable to make a rational decision, Applies to the patient who initially refuses your care but then because unresponive incapacitated, or irrational because of illness or injury. Implied consent
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