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OMC -SS-Chapter 12

Oak Manor Center - Social Studies - Chapter 12

Constitutional Monarchy A form of government in which a monarch is the head of state but elected officials run the government
Parliamentary Democracy A form of government in which voters elect representatives to a law-making body called Parliament, and members of Parliament vote for an official called the prime minister to head the government
Peat Plants partly decayed in water which can be dried and used for fuel.
Bog Low swampy areas
Productivity The measure of how much work a person produces in a set amount of time.
Geyser A spring of water heated by molten rock inside the Earth that, from time to time, shoots hot water into the air.
Fjord Narrow, U-shaped coastal valley with steep side formed by the action of glaciers
Geothermal Energy Electricity produced by natural underground sources of steam
Created by: aaquila