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Bio nigger shit

Gift to daniel hernandez and aubrey morales

Permineralized fossil When an organisms tissues are replaced by minerals from water
Cast and mold When an organism leaves behind an impression of its body in sediment. The impression is the mold when sediment fills the impression it forms a cast in life shape of the original organism
Trace fossil- A record of the activity of an organisms food plate, scratches and fossilized dung
Tar pit fossil When animals get stuck in tar
Frozen fossil When animals get frozen bro dumb nigga
Carbonized fossil So basically there is like a lot of carbon and there is pressure from sediment but up above it leaving only the carbon as a thick black film
Amber fossil When an organism gets stuck in tree sap
What does infer mean? educated guess based off what you know
The first three eons can be clumped together and called what? Precambrian time
What eon do we live in? Phanerozoic era
What were is known as the age of the reptiles mesozoic
What percentage of all fossils are from marine organisms? 95%
What percentage of fossils make up vertebrates? 0.012%
How many mass extinctions have there been at least? 5
When did the Great Dying Occur? 248 million years ago (premionstioc)
What are three reasons that mass extinctions could have occured? Climate change, Volcanic Eruptions, large meteorites hitting earth.
Earliest evidence of life dates back to how long? 3.5 billion years ago
What were cyanobacteria and what did they leave behind as evidence? Blue green algae, oxygen in our atmoshpere
What does the Cambrain Explosion refer to? Explosion of Life
What does the law of superposition state? Undisturbed layers of sedimentary rocks. Oldest one found at the bottom, youngest found at the top
What is a conceptual model that is an ordered arrangement of rock layers that is based on relative ages of rocks from all different areas? Geological column
What is the difference between absolute age and relative age? Absolute is the exact age. Relative is compared to something else
What is it called when unstable particles change into different stable particles? Radioactive decay
What is the amount of time it takes for half of the amount of unstable particles to decay? half life
What two thins does radiometric dating use to determine the absolute age of rocks? half life and the ratio of unstable to stable particles
List the thrree fcriteria of index fossils Common, widespread, lived for less than a million years.
What are the four subdivisions of time from largest to smallest? Eons, Eras, Periods, Epochs
List the order of animal types to evolve after jawless fish Fish with jaws, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds
How did whales and dolphins evolve? evolved from mammals.
What is evolution? The process of biological change by which populations differ from their ancestors over time
What is common ancestry? The idea that two or more species evolved from the same ancestor
What are two types of evidence do scientists use to learn how animals are related through common ancestors? DNA and anatomical similarities
What is embryology? The study of the development of organisms from fertilization until they are born or hatched
The traces or remains of once living organisms is the definition of FOSSIL GOOD JOB RETARDED ASS NIGGA!
Created by: AuxDePirate
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