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Astronomy lesson13

Apologia Astronomy lesson 13

One of the most important stars is the North Star, also called _________________. Polaris
Polaris got its name because the _____________ ___________ is always pointed toward it. North Pole
A ______________ is an object similar to our Sun which produces lots of energy. star
An __________________ is a set of stars that form an easily recognizable shape. asterism
Polaris is part of which asterism? Little Dipper
The Little Dipper is part of which constellation? Ursa Minor (which means "little bear")
The Big Dipper is part of which constellation? Ursa Major (which means "great bear")
The brightest star in the sky is _____________. Sirius
When one star orbits another star, it is called a double star system. Another name for this is a ________________ __________________________. binary star system
Stars that are dying are called _____________________________ stars. white dwarf
As a star runs out of fuel and begins to die, it starts to collapse in on itself. Sometimes the star has a lot of mass which generates a lot of heat and causes the star to explode. This explosion is called a __________________. supernova
If the core of a dying star is left behind and has a large mass, it will start to pull everything in with its gravity causing a _______________ _____________. black hole
Have scientists ever seen a black hole? No, because there is no light coming from a black hole, they cannot see if with a telescope.
Have scientists ever seen a supernova? Yes, in February 1987, three astronomers in different areas saw a supernova.
The "footprint" left behind by a supernova contains gases, dust and debris, and it is called a __________________. nebula
__________________ ___________ can have changes in temperature and energy output over time. Thankfully, our Sun is not like this! Variable stars
Stars can be categorized in three ways. Name these ways. (1)Hot or cold, (2) Bright or dim, and (3) Big or small
Stars are assigned ___________________ to show how hot or cold they are. letters
Stars are assigned __________________ to show how bright or dim they are. numbers
Stars are assigned _______________ __________________ to show how big or small they are. Roman numerals
Our Sun is categorized as a ______________. (This answer should include the letter, number and Roman numeral measures for the Sun.) G-5V
The largest star we know about is named _______________. Betelgeuse
What does the term "light year" mean? It is the distance that light can travel in a year.
What is the speed of light? 186,000 miles per second
List the four types of galaxies. (1) spiral, (2) elliptical, (3) lenticular and (4) irregular
Earth is in a galaxy named the ____________ __________. Milky Way
The Milky Way is what type of galaxy? spiral
______________________ are patterns formed in the sky by stars. Constellations
Many people believe that God created the constellations to tell the story of _______________. Jesus
__________________ is a religion in which people put their faith in the stars and check their "horoscopes" daily. Astrology
Astrology is basically a form of ____________ ________________. idol worship
A star map, also known as a _________________, will help you find constellations in the sky, however you should get one based on your latitude in order for it to be accurate. planisphere
Created by: amcollins