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Adult Health Exam 3

A side effect of this drug class is a dry hacking cough ACE Inhibitors
This drug may cause pulmonary fibrosis Amiodarone
How do you determine pack years for a smoker Number of packs per day x number of years
This fungal infection is found in the Central US and Central America Histoplasmosis
This fungal infection is found in Southwestern US, Mexico, and Central America Coccidioidomycosis
What is the main symptom of lung disease Cough
What does the pts. sputum look like if they have an infection Yellow-green
What does the pts. sputum look like if they have pulmonary edema pink frothy
What does the pts. sputum look like if they have chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, or TB hemoptysis (coughing up blood)
What is orthopnea SOB while lying down
Tracheal deviation can be an indicator of what lung collapse
Prolonged expiration is common with what asthma or COPD
Why go asthma and COPD patients present with prolonged expirations to get rid of the CO2
Decreased movement on one side indicates what pneumothorax
What is crepitus? What is another name for it? Swelling or crackling around an opening in the lung that sounds like "snap, crackle, pop"; air is trapped in the subQ tissue Subcutaneous emphysema
Popping, like hair or velcro--what diseases is this common in? Crackles--COPD, Bronchitis, Pneumonia
Low pitched snoring Rhonchi
Squeaky or musical sounds Wheeze
Rough grating scratching sound Pleural friction rub
What is the minimum target pulse ox for COPD? What is considered life threatening? 88%; 77%
List 4 signs of hypoxia restlessness, clubbing, weight loss, pallor or cyanosis
An inflammation of the bronchioles and alveoli pneumonia
What can cause non infectious pneumonia aspiration--of food, fluid, vomitus inhalation--toxic gases, chemicals, smoke
This results in significant deaths each year especially in the elderly and debilitated pneumonia
What is atelectasis? collapse of the alveoli
This type of pneumonia is community acquired and is more responsive to ABT strptococcus pneumoniae
This type of pneumonia is nosocomial and has a higher mortality rate pseudomonas
Name some at risk populations for pneumonia Immunocompompromised, pts. with chronic lung disease, elderly, hospitalized or nursing home pts, people w/o flu or pneumonia vaccine, post-op surgery, depressed CNS, pts on mechanical ventilation
Alcoholics are at increased risk for what aspiration pneumonia
how often can you get the flu vaccine? the pneumonia vaccine? every year; every 5 years
What is the defining diagnosis for pneumonia Gram stain and Culture and Sensitivity test from productive sputum
What nursing intervention can you implement to keep a pts sputum thin increase fluid intake (2500-3000 mL)
Why would a pts ABG's be taken to check their O2 and CO2 levels
Where else on the body can you put a pulse ox monitor to double check the reading on the ear or nose
Name some common Nsg DX for pneumonia Ineffective airway clearance, impaired gas exchange, activity intolerance, anxiety, nutrition less than body reqmnts, hyperthermia, FVD, r/f sepsis, pain
name some common pharmacological treatments for pneumonia ABT, nebulized or mdi bronchodilators (albuterol or alupent), decongestants or expectorants (mucomyst or guaifenesin), steroids/nsaids
What class of drug would you not give a pt with congestion and why antihistamines; it will dry the secretions
Name some other types of respiratory therapy for pneumonia percussion, vibration, postural drainage
What is the number one intervention by the nurse to prevent the spread of infection? Wash hands
What are two nursing interventions to assist the pt with pneumonia? TCDB and incentive spirometer
How often should the nurse encourage the pt to use the incentive spirometer 5-10 per hour
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