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Respiratory System

Medical Terminology

Nose nas/o
Sinuses Sinus/o
Epiglottis epiglott/o
Pharynx pharyng/o
Larynx laryng/o
Trachea trache/o
Bronchi bronch/o, bronchi/o
Alveoli alveol/o
Lungs pneum/o, pneumon/o
Upper Respiratory System nose, mouth, pharynx, epiglottis, larynx and trachea
Lower Respiratory System bronchial tree, lungs
Tonsil tonsil/o
function of nose exchange of air during inhaling and exhaling as well as warms, moisturizes and filters air
function of sinus provides mucus and makes the skull lighter as well as aids in sound production
function of epiglottis closes off the trachea during swallowing
function of pharynx transports air to and from the nose to trachea
function of larynx makes speech possible
function of the trachea transports air to and from the pharynx to the bronchi
function of the bronchi transports air from the trachea into the lungs
function of the alveoli air sacs that exchange gases with pulmonary capillary blood
function of the lungs brings O2 into the body and removes CO2 and some water
normal breathing eupnea
phon sound
ox oxygen
lob lobe
pnea breathing
ia abnormal condition
cyan blue
ptysis spitting
aphonia loss of the ability to speak normally
dysphonia voice impairment (ie: hoarse,
laryngitis inmflammation of the larynx
pharyngorrhagia bleeding for pharynx
pharyngorrhea discharge of mucous from pharynx
laryngoplegia paralysis of the larynx
laryngospasm spasm of larynx
tracheitis inflammation of the trachea
tracheorrhagia bleeding from the trachea
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial walls
bronchorrhagia bleeding from the bronchi
bronchorrhea excessive discharge of mucous from bronchi
tachypnea rapid, shallow breathing
hyperpnea rapid deep breathing
bradypnea slow breathing
apnea not breathing
anoxia absence or almost complete absence of oxygen
cyanosis bluish discoloration caused by lack of oxygen
hypoxia having below than normal oxygen levels
sinusotomy surgical incision of sinus
pharyngoplasty surgical repair of pharynx
pharyngostomy surgical creation of opening in pharynx
pharyngotomy surgical incision of the pharynx
laryngectomy surgical removal of larynx
laryngoplasty surgical repair of larynx
tracheoplasty surgical repair of trachea
tracheorrhaphy suturing of the trachea
tracheotomy emergency incision into trachea to gain access to airway
tracheostomy creating an opening into the trachea and inserting a tube to help passage of air or removal of secretions
pneumonectomy surgical removal of all or part of a lung
lobectomy surgical removal of a lobe of a lung
thoracotomy surgical incision of chest wall
thoracostomy surgical creation of an opening into the chest
hypopnea shallow or slow breathing
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