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SW/Central Asia Test

First step in the process of how oil is formed Plants and animals died in the ocean
Second step in the process for how oil is formed Plants and animals turned to rock
Third step in the process for how oil is formed weight of the water, hear, and chemical changes formed oil
Why is there a large amount of oil in SW/Central Asia? The area was under water
Ways that oil has made people better off- 1. Improved lives 2. Increased life expectancy 3. Child mortality rates have decreased
Why isn't per capita GDP an accurate reflection of wealth? It assumes that wealth is divided evenly among the population
What is the main goal of OPEC? to keep oil flowing out and money flowing in
What is the secondary goal of OPEC? to keep oil prices steady
What is crude oil? a product that comes out of the ground before it is refined and processed
What is a non-renewable resource? a resource that takes so long to form that it cannot be replaced
What is a renewable resource? a resource that can't be used up or that can be replaced quickly as it is used up
What are oil reserves? oil that has been discovered but remains unused in the ground
How is oil distributed among the countries of SW/Asia? Some countries have more oil than others
A country that spends lots of oil money on education and health care will most likely have a high HDI ranking HDI- Human Development Index
A city that is the governmental center of a country or region capital city
The largest and most important city. Has at least twice the population of the next largest city. Center of economic power. Primate City
The specific place where something is located Site
The way a place is positioned in relation to its wider surroundings Situation
What Istanbul's location unique? It is located on two different continents
Istanbul is located in between which two continents? Asia and Europe
Which waterway connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea? Bosporus Strait
the build up of salt in soil or water salinization
the condition that occurs when people don't have enough clean fresh water to meet their everyday needs water stress
water lying deep under the ground that supplies wells and springs groundwater
damage to or destruction of the natural environment environmental degredation
Does every country have a primate city? No
What is the most common religion in SW/Central Asia? Islam
Borders SW/Central Asia to the west Red Sea
borders SW/Central Asia to the south Arabian Sea
Borders SW/Central Asia to the north Black Sea
World's largest inland body of water Caspian Sea
lowest place of elevation on Earth Dead Sea
river system used by ancient civilizations Tigris-Euphrates
body of water that is rapidly shrinking Aral Sea
country with the largest population Pakistan
wealthiest country in the region United Arab Emirates
largest country in terms of landmass Kazakhstan
landmass that occupies the southern region of the continent Arabian peninsula
What can cause environmental degradation? the spread of pollution
What is one thing farmers in the Aral Sea region did not do due to the decline of the Aral Sea? changed to raising livestock
two of the main economic contributers for SW/Central Asia petroleum and water
Which city is holy to all three monotheistic religions? Jerusalem
What are some of the effects of the Aral Sea shrinking? Shortened growing seasons Killed fish Air pollution causing health problems
Created by: hmward
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