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Chapter 15

Global Climates

What is climate Climate is the average weather across a large area of the earths surface
what are the three broad categories of climate Hot Temperate Cold
what are the subcategories of these broad categories (Hot, Temperate, Cold) Hot=Equatorial, Savanna, Hot dessert Temperate=Warm temperate oceanic, Cool temperate oceanic/Mediterranean Cold=Tundra, Boreal
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of Equatorial climates North Brazil 27 degrees Celsius twice the average of Ireland
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of Savanna climates Brazil, Nigeria Summer 30 degrees Winter 20 degrees Dry season:20mm at most Wet season:1000mm
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of Hot Desert climates Sahara Daytime: 40-50 degrees Celsius Nighttime: 0 degrees less than 250mm
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of warm temperate oceanic/Mediterranean Mediterranean Sea summer 30 degrees winter 8 degree 400mm
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of cool temperate Oceanic climates Northwest Europe and northwest coast of the USA Summers 6-14 degrees Winters 0 degrees 800-2000 mm
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of Boreal climates 55-66 degrees north of the equator Summer 16 degrees Winter -29 Degrees less than 400 mm
what is the Location, Temperature and precipitation of Tundra Climates North Pole, Extreme Northern Parts of Canada and Russia summer 4 degrees, winter -35 degrees 250 mm
what is Ireland's climate Cool temperate oceanic/Mediterranean
What are the 4 factors that affect climate 1. Distance from Seas and Oceans 2. Latitude 3. Prevailing Wind/Air Masses 4. Altitude and aspect
Explain what effect Distance from seas and ocean has Coastal areas close to the sea dont get to hot in the summer and dont get to cold in the winter because the water heats up slowly in the summer and cools slowly in the winter, Land heats up and cools down quickly which causes slightly hotter summers and
what is latitude the distance of a place from the equator
explain the effect of latitiude on climate the further a place is from the equator (so the higher the latitude) the cooler it is likely to be
what is a prevailing wind the wind that blows most regularly over an area
how do prevailing winds affect climates the direction which the prevailing wind is coming form South west: temperate North west: cold, coming from high latitude areas East: warm in summer and cold in winter South:warm winds
what is altitude height above sea level
what effect does altitude have on climate the higher the altitude the colder a place will be
what is aspect Aspect is the direction which a slope faces
how does aspect effect climate the sun rises from the east travels in a southerly direction and sets in the west. for the northern hemisphere, this means that south facing slopes are warmer than north facing slopes
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