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Assimilate verbdefinition:to cause to conform or resemble a group, attitude, or custom, excSyn:identify; adaptAnt:unfit; disorderother forms: assimilation(noun)
Benign AdjectiveDefinition:displaying gentleness or favorable qualitiesSyn:compassionate; humaneAnt:sinister; severe
Chastise VerbDefinition:to punish by beating or severe criticism Syn:discipline; scoldOther forms:chastisement(noun)Ant:forgive; praiseOther forms: chastisement
Disposition nounDefinition:natural emotional and mental outloook or moodSyn:attitude; emotionAnt:NONE
Emphatic nounDefinition:natural emotional and mental outloook or moodSyn:attitude; emotionAnt:NONE
Fret verbDefintion:to feel/express, worry, or disconnect/annoyanceSyn:agganize; affrontAnt:calm; comfortOther forms:fret(noun) fretful(adjective)
Grave adjective-graver, gravestDefinition:threatening a serious or bad outcome; solemnSyn:sober; seriousAnt:fervolous; crutialOther forms:gravely(adjective) graveness(noun)
Haste nounDefinition:overly eager, thoughtless, or extreme speed or hurrySyn:hurry; quicknessAnt:linger;restOther forms:hasty(adjective) hastily(adverb)
Implore Verb(tense may change)Definition:to ber or ask for urgentlySyn:plead; beseechAnt:reject; answerOther forms:imploringly(adverb)
Jaunty adjectiveDefinition:easy;confident and sprightly in mannerSyn:dashing;carefreeAnt:depressing;lethargicOther forms: jauntily(adverb)
Kin NounDefinition:a group of people descended from a common ancestor Syn:relation;relativeAnt:stranger; foreign personOther forms:kinship(noun)
Lethargy nounDefinition:the quality or state of being unenergetic, indifferent, and lazySyn:inactivity; torporAnt:energetic; livelinessOther forms:lethargic(adjective
Meticulous AdjectiveDefinition:showing extreme care about tiny details; being precise and detailedSyn:exact; scrupulousAnt:careless;inaccurateOther forms:meticulously(adverb) meticulousness(noun)
Nondescript AdjectiveDefintion:having no definate ot recognized type or kind:undistingushedSyn:common;ordinaryAnt:uncommon;different
Obscure Adjective/verbDefinition:not clear to understand or percieveSyn:doubtful;mysteriousAnt:certain;clearOther forms:obscurity(noun)obscurely(adverb)
Placid AdjectiveDefinition:pleasently, calm, or peacefulSyn:tranquil' gentleAnt:aggitated;excitedOther forms:placidly(adverb)
Quizzical Adjectivedefinition: Questioning or puzzlingSyn: Curious; skepticalAnt: certain;understandingOther forms: Quizzically(adverb)
Relinguish VerbOther forms: relinguishment( noun)definition: to give back or surrendersyn: yeild;abandanAnt: retain;take
Solace NounDefinition: something/someone that provides relief or distress and discomfortSyn: consolation, reliefAnt: distress;aggravate
Tentative Adjectivedefinition: uncertain;done or made as an attempt or effortother forms: Tentative(adjective)tentatively(noun)
Ubiquitous Adjectivedefinition: existing everywhere especially at the same timeSyn: common; present everywhereAnt: rare; scarce
Vast AdjectiveDefinition: Of very great/large size or extentSyn: huge; immenseAnt: tiny; punyOther forms: vastness(noun)vastly(adjective)
wield verbdefinition: to use(weapon, instrument) effective; to actively employ or put to useSyn: manipulate; plyAnt: idle; leave alone
Xenophobia noundefinition: an unreasonable fear or hatred foriegners or strangers of of that which id foreign or strange.Syn: raisicm; predujiceAnt: unafraid; fearless
Yahoo NounDefinition: an uncultivated or insophisticated person.Syn: barbarian; roughneckAnt: classy; sophisticated
Zephyr noundefinition: a gentle, mild breezeSyn: breeze, windAnt: tornado;gust
Created by: redribbonbaby