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Hesi VOcab 2

volume amount of space occupied by a fluid.
void excrete or expel urine
vital essential
verbal spoken or using words
urinate excrete or expel urine
untoward adverse or negative
symptoms an indication of a problem
symmetric(symmetrical) being equal
suppress to stop or subdue
supplement to take in addition or to complete
strict stringent,exact,complete
status condition
site location
retain to keep or hold
restrict to limit
recur to occur again
rationale the underlying reason
prognosis the anticipated or expected course or outcome
priority of great importance
primary first or most significant
preexisting already present
predispose to make more susceptible or more likely to occur
precipitous rapid,uncontrolled
precaution preventive measure
potential capable of occurring or likely to occur
potent producing strong effect
patent open
paroxysmal beginning suddenly or abruptly
parameter characteristics or constant factor
overt obvious or easily observed
oral given through or affecting the mouth
ongoing continuous
ominous significantly important and dangerous
occluded closed or obstructed
nutrient substance or ingredient that provides nourishment.
manifestation an indication or sign of a condition
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