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Cheyenne Hillabush

pre-test help

What family of laugages was spoken centuries ago throughout India, but today is mostly spoken in the southern part. Dravidan
Who was the leader of Mongals who invaded China in 1206. Gegas Khan
Who are highly nationalist moutain people who live in mant nations, such as Iran,Iraq, Labonan,Syria,and turkey Kurds
The _______ establish a great empire centaries ago in Cambodia Khmer
What word means where one place is in comparison to another place? relative location
Who was a communist leader of Vietnam's independence movement against France? Ho Chi Minh
What is a three-day festival that marks the beginning of spring in Vietnam? Tet
What part of social studies is the study of people, places and the environmenet Geography
Europeans first established trade with China by traveling the Silk Road
What was the ancient Egypt systm of picture-writing called Heiroglyphics
What was the first Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Isreal Egypt
What is the chinese philosphy that is based on finding harmony with the way of nature Taoism
In ancient Egypt, pyramids were built as burial places for _______. Pharaohs
Who were the first settlers in New Zealand Maori
What word means the exact spot on Earth where a place can be found? absolute location
Who are the highly nationalistic mountain people who live in many nations, such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey Kurds
The Egyptian sun god was _____? Re
What was the vast empire that included what is now Turkey and parts of Northern Africa, Southwest Asia, and Southeast Europe? Ottoman Empire
This movement begun in 1966 was intended to remove all opposition to the Communist Party in China. Cultural Revolution
Hinduism was originally based on the social practices of the Aryans
In 1949, he became the leader of Communist China. Mao Zedong
What is the seasonal wind that blows over the northern part of the Indian ocean monsoon
Nauru, Palau, and the Marshall Islands are all located in which region Micronesia
The modernization of Japan took place in the 1800s during a period known as the Meiji Restoration
Which is a hurricane that occurs in the western Pacific Ocean typhoon
Before the Europeans arrived in Africa, huge trade netwoks were built based on the need of sub-Saharan Africans for salt
Who was the Mesopotamian ruler responsible for a code of strict laws Hammurabi
Who was India's first woman prime minister Indira Gandhi
The leader of Mali during its golden age was Mansa Musa
Most of the crops grown on plantations owned by Europeans in Africa were cash crops
Hinduism was originally based on the social practices of the Aryans
Australia and New Zealand are both members of what group? Commonwealth of Nations
________ is a religion that emphasizes the principles of karma and reincarnation Hinduism
Which revolt began in 1900 and was intended to rid China of all foreigners? Boxer Rebellion
What is the name for recent developments in agriculture that use new seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals Green Revolution
In western and central Africa, society is generally based on extended family
Who was the leader of the Mongols who invaded China in 1206 Genghis Khan
The ancient Egyptians made writing material out of a plant called _______. papyrus
What is the study of how people manage their resources? economics
What is the mountain range that stretches 1500 miles across south central Asia? Himalayas
Which term refers to a person's ancestry being traced through the mother's family? matrilineal society
The _____ extends more than 1,200 miles off the northeast coast of Australia. Great Barrier Reef
The Sahel region of Africa is best described as semiarid land
What term refers to agriculture practiced mostly to feed one's household? subsistence farming
Nauru, Palau, and the Marshall Islands are all located in which region Micronesia
What is the Chinese philosophy that is based on finding harmony with the "way of nature"? Taoism
Long ago, what was the traditional Southeast Asian system of government with a ruler at the center of each region? mandala
The earliest monotheistic religion that developed in the area around Jerusalem was _______. Judaism
The people who came to South Asia around 1700 B.C. spoke _________. Sanskirt
What word means a measure of distance north or south of the Equator? latitude
A _________ is an inherited social class. Caste
Who was the founder of Islam? Muhammad
Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe that there is only one god.
Which is a theme in the study of geography movement
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