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Drug Families

Which drug belongs to which family.

What are Uppers? Stimulants that affect nervous system and excite the user.
What are Downers? A depressant effect on the central nervous sytem.
What are Narcotis? Drugs capable of producing stupor or sleep. Used for relieve of pain and coughing.
What is the opiate triad? Three signs that a narcotic has been abused. They are coma or depressed level of consciousness, pinpoint pupils and respiratory depression.
What are Hallucinogens? Mind affecting drugs that act on the nervous system to produce intense state of excitement or a distortion of the user's perceptions.
What drug produces is both an stimulant like an upper but also distortes a user's perceptions? Hallucinogens
What are volatile chemicals? Chemicals that produce a vapor and give an initial rush which turns into a depressant on the centeral nervous system.
What are types of volatile chemicals? Cleaning fluid. Model cement. Cleaning solutions.
What kind of signs would you see on a paitent who used Uppers? Increased pulse, breathing rates, rapid speech, dry mouth, not sleeping.
What kind of signs would you see on a paitent who used Downers? Sluggish, sleepy with lack of coordination, slow pulse and breathing rate.
What kind of signs would you see in a paitent who used Narcotics? Reduced rate of pulse and rate and depth of breathing. Constriced pupils, pinpoint size.
What kind of signs would you see in a paitent who used hallucinogens? Fast pulse rate, dilated pupils, flushed face.
What kinda of signs would you see in a paitent who used volatile chemicals? Dazed of showing loss of contact with relaity. Changes in heart rhythm. Tingling in head.
What are examples of uppers? Cocaine.
What are examples of downers? Barbiturates, Sedatives such as valium.
What are examples of narcotics? Codeine, heroin, meth, morphine, opium.
What are examples of hallucinogens? LSD, PCP, marijuana, and morning glory seeds.
What are examples of volatile chemicals? Gasonline, nail polsih remover, paint thinner, cleaning fluid.
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