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Endocrine MT Ch 13 A

Which endocrine gland secretes catecholamines? Adrenal Medulla
What promotes maturation of the ovum and contributes to female secondary sex characteristics? Estrogen
Which type of diabetes is due to a deficiency in the secretion of antidiuretic hormones? Diabetes Insipidus
What is the medical term for thyroid storm? Thyrotoxicosis
Term that describes a normally functioning thyroid gland? Euthyroid
Which endocrine gland secretes glucagon? Pancreas
The conversion of glucose into glycogen is called? Glycogenesis
Oxytocin is produced in which gland? The Posterior Pituitary
What is the medical term for the most severe form of hypothyroidism in an adult? Myxedema
Which gland secretes prolactin and follicle stimulating hormones? The Anterior Pituitary
What is a medical term for exessive thirst? Polydipsia
Which system consists of a network of ductless glands that secretes hormones? The Endocrine System
What influences carbohydrates, fats, and protein metabolism? Glucocorticoids
Which group of hormones is secreted by the thyroid gland? T3, T4, Calcitonin
What regulates the fluid and electrolyte balance? Mineralocorticoid Aldosterone
What is the development of masculine physical traits in the female? Virilism
What is the principal hormone of the pineal gland? Melatonin
Which endocrine gland secretes gonadocorticoids? Adrenal Cortex
What is the medical term for an elevated blood sodium level? Hypernatremia
The pituitary gland is also known as? Hypophysis
What is the condition that is caused by hypersecretion of the human growth hormone? Acromegaly
What is the medical term for an abnormal outward protrusion of the eye? Exophthlamia
Which type of diabetes is associated with pregnacy? Gestational Diabetes
What is the medical term for excessive body hair in a male distribution pattern? Hirsutism
What is another name for the posterior pituitary gland? Neurohypophysis
What is the luteinizing hormone necessary for? Female Ovulation
Which type of diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas? Diabetes Mellitus
What is the medical term for a proportional overgrowth of the body's tissue due to the hypersecretion of the humam growth hormone before puberty? Gigantism
Which cells are specialized lymphocytes that are involved in the immune response? T Cells
What is the medical term for excessive eating? Polyphagia
Created by: kayla047