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Food Safety and Food-Medication Interactions

Minimize risk of aspiration by assuring client has intact gag or swallow reflex
For clients with a known risk for aspiration... it is important for the nurse to check the client's ability to swallow prior to eating.
Food safety requires proper food storage, handling, preparation guidelines
Sell-by date last recommended day of sale
Use-by date how long the product will maintain top quality
Expiration date last day the product should be used or consumed
How does food effect absorption? by rate and extent
Reducing rate of absorption alters... only the onset of peak effects
Reducing extent of absorption... reduces the intended effect of the medication
When taking ibuprofen, some antibiotics, and some anti-depressants, avoid gastric upset by taking them with food.
Interferes with the metabolism of many medications resulting in an increased serum level of the medication Grapefruit juice
Can decrease the anticoagulant effects of warfarin (coumadin) foods high in vitamin K (green leafy veggies, eggs, liver
Can increase the metabolism of the anti-Parkinson's medication levodopa, which decreases the duration of its therapeutic effects Foods high in protein, amino acids, and vitamin B6
Can cause hyperkalemia (elevated serum potassium) Licorice
Has hypertensive effects similar to other amines, such as norepinephrine Tyramine
Created by: ReginaK