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50 vocab

squalid Dirty
proliferating multiplying
sanctuary a refuge
elude cleverly avoid
ultimate final
inscrutable not capable of being understood
spiel an extravagant talk
servitude punishment for a crime
spellbind cause attention
proletariat working class
delusion a false idea or opinion
purge escape
secular worldly
viable practical
anathema a curse
jeopardy danger
reflective thoughtful
benign showing kindness
pugnacious belligerent
dissipate to waste, as in money
acquiesce accept without knowing
denigrate criticize unkindly
munificent generous in giving
capitulation surrender
palatable pleasant tasting
vehement moving in great force
fruition accomplishment
eradicate destroy
despotic tyrannical
extricate to free
paranoia feeling of persecution
malevolence intention to harm
tenuous weak
ambivalence fluctuation
desiccate dry up
replete filled
recalcitrant resistant
cogent convincing
affluence overflowing of wealth
astute clever
fatuous foolish
vindictive revengeful
meticulous mindful of details
catharsis cleansing of emotions
insatiable incapable of being satisfied
dubious doubtful
tepid lacking definite warmth
perpetual continuing forever
skepticism uncertainty in belief or knowledge
vestige remnant
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