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Africa Cultural

This location contains the most continuous known record of humanity (prehistoric human remains). Olduvai Gorge
An early civilization that was located in present-day Ethiopia in A.D. 100s. These people regularly traded with people of Egypt and the eastern Roman Empire. Aksum
To prevent Europe fromm fighting over African resources, several nations met in 1884-1885 to lay down rules for dividing Africa. No African ruler was invited. Berlin Conference
East Africa's busiest slave market closed in 1873. Zanzibar
Since European colonization in the 19th century, African countries have relied more on resources such as coffee, tea, and sugar to make quick money. Cash Crops
East African ethnic group that lives on the grasslands of the rift valleys in Kenya and Tanzania. Masai
An uncontrollable outbreak of a disease affecting a large population over a wide geographic area, such as AIDS in Africa. Pandemic
What are some problems created by tourism in Africa? Some groups in Africa want to eliminate the wildlife reserves to create more farmland for hungry people, however the reserves bring in tourists to look at animals for money.
An extreme long-term shortage of food that causes widespread hunger and sometimes death to millions of people, which is currently happening in Somalia. Famine
Around 814 B.C. a Phoenician queen founded this great ancient city in Africa. Carthage
A major religious influence in North Africa that is based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Islam
Oil has transformed the economies of some North African countries, including Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia. This resource is also called ____ _____ . Black Gold
Algeria is home to this kind of music developed in the 1920's by poor urban children. Rai
North African marketplaces that open early in the morning located in the center of the city. Souk
An island off the coast of Senegal that served as one of the busiest points for exporting slaves during the slave trade mid-1500s to 1800s. Goree Island
Why did the empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai thrive in West Africa? Gold and Salt were traded
One in which people rely on family lineages to govern themselves, rather than an elected government or a monarch. Stateless Society
Ghana's income relies primarily on the export of... gold, diamonds, magnesium, and bauxite.
Where do the worst economic problems in West Africa exist because of the world's highest quality of diamonds located here? Sierre Leone
People who live in what is now Ghana, are known for their work in weaving colorful Asasia-what westerners usually call kente cloth. Ashanti
West African popular music involves a blend of traditional African music with American forms of... Jazz, blues, and reggae.
Beginning around 2000 B.C. in what is now southeastern Nigeria, the people moved southward throughout Africa spreading their language and culture. Bantu Migration
A King who became interested in the COngo after it had been explored in the 1870s and wanted to open up trade along the Congo river. King Leopold II
Negative economic effects, civil war, and chaos were a result of ____________. Colonialism
The Shona established a great city called _____________ in what is now the country of Zimbabwe. Great Zimbabwe
In 1948, the white minority government of South Africa instituted a policy of __________, or complete separation of races. Apartheid
In 1949, ___________ emerged as one of the great leaders of the African National Congress, and he led a long struggle to end apartheid that resulted in his being imprisoned. Nelson Mandela
Poverty-stricken towns in rural areas. Shanty Towns
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