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Science 9 wks Test

This is to help me study

Main control center of nervous system? Brain
Vertebrae encloses the _______? Spinal Cord
Part of the brain that looks like a mushroom that controls voluntary movements? Cerebrum
___ controls involuntary process of the body? Medulla
All parts of nervouse systeem except for brain and spinal cord? Peripheral Nervous System
Brain and spinal cord only makeup? Central Nervous System
__ nerve cell transfer messages? Neuron
___ collects all parts of senses? Receptors
Fluid filled organ in inner ear? Cochlea
____ collection of glands that secretes hormones? Endocrine System
Male and Female sex cells? M- sperm: Fertilizes the egg.F- egg: Fertilized by the sperm.
2 reproductions? Sexual: 2 organismsAsexual: 1 organisms
Humans are ____ mammals? Placental Mammals
Frogs practice___ fertilization? External Fertilization
2 tubes the sperm travels through? Vas Deferens and Uretha
Part of the reproductive where egg is fertilized by the sperm? Fallopian Tube
STD that affects immune system? HIV/AIDS
STD affects liver? Hepititas B
Inability to reproduce? Infertility
Connects the embryo to placenta? Umbilical Cord
Female reproductive system houses the baby? Uterus
Progression of growth that is after embryo but before birth? Fetus
Progression of growth that is before adulthood but after infancy and childhood? Adolescence
1st step in growth and development? Fertilization
2 way exchange organ in uterus? Placenta
Created by: madimae101