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Asia Geo Vocab CH

Key Vocabulary for Asia Geography Unit in Chinese

Seasonal WINDS that bring heavy rain in the summer and dry air in the winter. (You should know WHY that happens and HOW it affects the people of Asia) Monsoons 季风
Fertile yellowish soil that gives the Huang He its name and makes the area around the river very good for farming. 肥沃的淡黄色土壤使黄河得名,并使河流周围地区非常适合耕种。 Loess 黄土
An area of the ocean that has a large population of fish and is therefore very good for fishing. 有大量鱼类的海洋区域,因此非常适合捕鱼。 Fishery 渔业
A large group of islands. 一大群岛屿。 Archipelago 群岛
A large landmass that is not quite as large as a continent. 一块不像大陆那么大的大块陆地。 Subcontinent 次大陆
The way China produces most of its electricity. 中国生产大部分电力的方式。 Coal Power Plants 燃煤电厂
Causes of flooding in Asia. 亚洲洪水泛滥的原因。 Summer Monsoon Rains, Pavement, Melting Snow and Ice in the Himalayas 喜马拉雅山的夏季季风雨、路面、融化的雪和冰
Causes of air pollution in Asia. 亚洲空气污染的原因。 Factories (Industries), Coal Power Plants, Cars, Traffic, Over Population 工厂(工业)、燃煤电厂、汽车、交通、人口过剩
Causes of water pollution in Asia. 亚洲水污染的原因。 Trash, Sewage, Fertilizer Runoff, Industry, Over Population, Scattering of Ashes of Dead People (only in Ganges River) 垃圾、污水、化肥径流、工业、人口过剩、死者骨灰撒播(仅限恒河)
Source of many of the rivers of Asia. 亚洲许多河流的发源地。 Melting snow and ice in the Himalayas 喜马拉雅山融化的冰雪
Rich soil that is deposited on the banks of rivers when they flood. 洪水泛滥时沉积在河岸上的肥沃土壤。 Silt 淤泥
Reasons people settle along rivers. 人们沿河定居的原因。 Water for drinking, water for irrigation, water for bathing and cleaning, fertile land along the river (silt), trade, industrial uses 饮用水、灌溉用水、沐浴和清洁用水、沿河肥沃土地(淤泥)、贸易、工业用水
Fancy social studies word for dry. 花哨的社会研究词干。 Arid 干旱
Fancy social studies word for rainy. 多雨的花式社会研究词。 Humid 湿
Fancy social studies word for warm. 花哨的社会研究词温暖。 Tropical 热带
Fancy social studies word for cold. 花哨的社会研究词冷。 Polar 极性
Able to be sailed through by ships or boats 能够通过船只或小船航行 Navigable 可导航
Created by: Shaver
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