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Eastside Scheme

3RD ST 2600-2899 B C033
4TH ST 2600-2899 B C033
6TH ST 2700-3099 B C033
7TH ST 2700-2999 B C033
8TH ST 2600-3199 B C033
11TH ST 2600-2899 B C033
12TH ST 2600-2899 B C026
19TH ST 2700-2799 B C026
AAR0N DR 6400-6499 B R001
ADELEST 6000-6199 B R027
ADMIRAL KING ST 2600-3199 B C026
AIRVIEWCIR 100-199 B C033
ALICE ST 2700-2899 B C007
N ALICE ST 900-999 B C007
ALLENST 2600-2899 B C017
ALTHALEE ST 900-2799 B C007
AM0S FRUGE RD 2400-2499 B R001
ANGEDR 400-499 B C007
ANT0INETTE DR 400-599 B C007
AQUARIUS DR 2600-2999 B C026
ARMSTR0NG ST 100-799 B C017
ARSENERD 1800-1899 B R010
ARTM0RD 1500-1599 B R010
AUGUST DR 400-599 B C007
AVAL0NST 100-399 B C007
AVENUE B 3600-3899 B C033
AVENUE C 200-3899 B C033
AVENUE D 400-599 B C033
AVENUEE 3500-3899 B C033
AVENUEF 3900-4099 E C033
AVENUEG 3900-4099 0 C033
AVENUEH 3800-4399 B C033
AVENUEJ 1-599 B C033
AVENUEJ 600-699 B C0l7
AVENUEJ 700-1399 B C033
AVENUEK 3900-4099 B C007
AVENUEL 3900-4099 B C007
AVENUEM 4000-4099 B C017
BJCEMENTRD 300-5799 B C007
BALB0A ST 100-399 B C007
BART0N DR 6400-6499 B R001
BAY0U SERPENT RD 5900-6199 B R001
BELDEN ST 2600-2899 B C0l7
BERGER0NRD 1800-1899 B R010
BETTYES LN 100-199 B R010
BLACKJACK ST 1200-1299 B C007
BLACKWELL ST 2600-2699 B C007
BL0CKST 500-699 B C0l7
B0NDST 2900-3099 B R001
B0YS VILLAGE RD 100-499 B R027
BRAMMERLN 300-399 B C007
BRANTST 1200-1299 B C033
BRAWNERRD 3400-3499 B R001
BRENDAST 2000-2099 B C026
BRIARTRAIL DR 2000-2099 B C033
BRIDLE W00D 1300-1499 B R027
BRIGHT0NLN 2800-2999 B R001
BR0ADST 2600-5899 B C017
EBR0ADST 3400-3499 B C017
BRUCE DR 400-599 0 C007
BUNKERRD 100-899 B C017
BURS0NRD 3200-3999 B R001
BYRNEST 2700-2799 B C007
BYR0NRD 6400-6499 B R001
C C0RBELL0 RD 6000-6099 B R010
CANDICELN 6000-6499 B R027
CANVAS BACK ST 900-999 B C017
CANVAS BACK ST 1000-1299 B C033
CARNEYST 1400-1499 B C007
CARPENTER RD 100-399 B C007
CARVERRD 3300-3399 B R027
CARVERST 1700-1899 B C033
CASEYST 400-599 B C007
CATALINAST 100-399 B C007
CATHYST 900-1499 B C007
CEDARST 3200-3399 B R001
CESSF0RD ST 2700-2799 B C007
CHAISS0NRD 6000-6399 B R00I
CHARLES BREAUX RD 2000-2099 B R001
CHASELN 6600-6699 B R027
CHENNAULT PKWY 4500-4599 B C033
CHL0E DR 1600-1799 B R010
CHRISTMAN RD 100-5599 B C007
CHURCHST 2600-2899 B C017
CLAUDE HEBERT RD 1400-2199 B R010
CLAUDE HEBERT RD 2200-2499 B R001
CLINE ST 2600-2899 B C017
C0LFAX ST 2600-2799 B C007
C0LLETTA ST 2600-2699 B C017
C0LLINS ST 5400-5599 B C017
C0MBREST 2000-2099 B C026
C0MBREST 2200-2499 B C033
C0MEAUXST 2700-2799 B C007
C0N0C0ST 2600-2799 B C007
C00KIELN 100-399 B C007
C0RAL DR 5600-5699 B R0l0
C0RBELL0RD 1800-2699 B R010
CURRY AUSTIN 6600-6699 B R027
DAVISRD 6400-6499 B R001
DECKERST 100-399 B C007
DEER WALK 400-499 B R027
DELC0MMEST 7300-7399 B R027
DENISE ST 2000-2099 B C026
DESH0TELLN 200-499 B C007
D0NA TIEL ST 2800-2999 B C007
D0UGLASST 1700-1799 B C033
DRAG0NC1R 800-899 B C033
DUMA TRAIT LN 800-999 B C017
EAST0N ST 1800-1899 B C033
EFFIE NINA WAY 7700-7799 B R027
EGLISERD 6500-6699 B R0l0
EGRETST 800-4099 B C033
ELEAN0RST 1700-1899 B C033
ELLI0TTLN 3000-3099 B R001
ELLIS ST 4000-4299 B C017
ELMW00DST 3200-3399 B R001
EMERALD DR 5600-5699 B R0l0
EMMA JANE l00-399 B R027
ERNIE BEN0IT ST 100-299 B R027
EUGENELN 100-299 B R027
EVELYNST 6000-6199 B R027
FALC0NERLN 1200-1299 B C033
FITZENRIETER RD 2600-2999 B C007
FLATERLN 1200-1299 B C033
FL0RENCE CIR 100-199 B R027
F0RET DR 2800-2899 B R001
F0XW00D 6600-6699 B R027
FREDSRD 100-399 B C0l7
FRUGE ST 2600-2999 B C0l7
GADWALLST 1100-1499 B C033
GELPI DR l00-599 B C033
GENERAL ARN0LD AVE 2600-2799 B C026
GENERAL C0LLINS ST 2800-3299 B C026
GENERAL D00LITTLE AVE 2700-2999 B C026
GENERAL M00RE AVE 2600-2799 B C026
GENERAL PATCH ST 2600-2799 B C026
GENERAL PATT0N ST 2600-3299 B C026
GERALD Y0UNG RD 2000-2099 B R0l0
G0LF ST 1800-1899 B C033
G00DMANLN 4000-4299 B C017
NG00DMANRD l00-799 E C007
SG00DMANRD 100-799 B C0l7
G00S FERRY RD 3400-5999 B R001
G0RD0N W00DS DR 4300-4499 B C007
NGRACEST l00-2099 B C007
S GRACE ST 100-399 B C017
GR0GANLN l00-399 B C007
GUINN ST 2700-2999 B C007
GUYST 2700-2899 B C007
HACKBERRY ST 500-799 B C017
HAGAN ST 2600-2799 B C007
HARDEERD 2500-3099 B R001
HEATHERIDGE LN 3000-3099 B C033
HICK0RY DR 3200-3399 B R001
HIGHWAYST 2600-2699 B C007
HIGHWAY 3059 2300-5399 B R001
HIGHWAY 3059 5400-6499 B R010
HIGHWAY 3059 6500-6511 B R001
HIGHWAY 3059 6512-6899 B R010
HIGHWAY 3256 100-499 B R010
HIGHWAY 3256 6400-6999 B R010
HIGHWAY 3256 7000-7599 B R027
HIGHWAY 397 100-3899 B R027
HIGHWAY 90 E 2900-5999 B C017
HIGHWAY 90 E 6000-7899 B R027
HILLCREST DR 2600-3099 B C033
HINT0N DR 2600-2899 B C033
H0LMESST 100-699 B C017
H0NKERST 1-99 B C033
H0NKERST 1500-1799 B C033
H0PECT 2200-2999 B C007
H0RSEMAN DR 6000-6099 B R027
HUNGERF0RD RD 100-1399 B R010
HUNTER DR 1100-1699 B C033
HUTCHINS ST 1500-1899 B C033
HUVALST 100-199 B R027
I 10 M0BILE VILLAGE RD 400-1399 B R010
IDA ST 700-799 B C017
INDUSTRIAL AVE 2500-3099 B C026
IRA BREAUX RD 1400-1999 B R010
J BENNETT J0HNS0N AVE 3800-3899 B C033
J R J0HNS0N RD 6900-6999 B R010
JAC0XLN 800-899 B C033
JADE DR 5600-5699 B R010
JAN ST 2000-2099 0 C033
JEANST 2200-2299 B C007
JERRY HEBERT RD 6500-6699 B R010
J0NES ST 400-488 B R027
J0NES ST 489-799 B C017
J0SEPHINE ST 1800-1899 B C033
JUMPING JACK LN 500-599 B C007
KAY0UCHEST 1500-1699 B C033
KELLERRD 6600-6699 B R010
KERSHAWRD 1800-1899 B R010
KINDERST 2600-2799 B C007
LAFLEURRD 2300-2499 B R001
LAFRANCE DR 2800-2899 B R001
LAKE CAR0LINE DR 4300-4599 B C007
LAKE FAIRWAY DR 4300-4499 B C007
LAKEW00DLN 2900-2999 B R001
LAUREL AVE 3200-3599 B R001
LEBLANCLN 1200-1299 B C033
LEBLEULN 6500-6699 B R010
LEBLEURD 6500-6899 B R010
LED0UXRD 3400-3499 B R001
NLED0UXRD 1400-1699 B R010
LEGI0NST 2600-3299 B C033
LEJEUNE ST 5500-5699 B C017
LESLIELN 6000-6499 B R027
LESLIELN 6700-6799 B R010
LEVERGNE ST 5600-5699 B C017
LILES LN 1200-1299 B C033
LL0YDRD 1800-1899 B R010
L0FTINRD 6000-6399 B R001
L0RELAREST 11800-11899 B R010
LUKEP0WERSRD 3200-3999 B R001
LUKEP0WERSRD 4000-5299 B R010
LYNNST 2600-2799 B C007
M C0RBELL0 RD 6000-6099 B R010
MAINST 800-1099 B C017
MAINST 1100-1199 B C033
EMAIN ST 1400-1599 B C033
MALLARD C0VE DR 3800-3899 B C033
MAPLEST 3200-3299 B R001
MARK LEBLEU RD 5300-7099 B R010
MARYST 2600-2899 B C007
MARYANNST 6000-6199 B R027
MCC0WENRD 6000-6299 B R027
MCNABBST 300-799 0 C017
MCNABBST 1100-1699 B C033
MED0RAST 2600-2899 B C007
MERGANSER ST 1500-2499 B C033
MERTZRD 3400-3599 B R001
MERTZRD 4800-4899 B R001
MITCHELL DR 400-599 B C017
M0ELING ST 2600-2799 B C007
M0NTF0RTST 2500-2699 B R001
M0RNINGSTAR DR 400-599 B C007
MURRAYST 500-799 B C017
NANNAST 2800-3099 B R001
NATALILN 6000-6099 B R027
NAUTICAL DR 3400-3499 B R001
NAUTICAL DR 5200-5299 B R001
NICKlE DR 6400-6499 B R001
0AKST 600-799 B C017
0GEARD 2300-2399 B R001
0LD DERIDDER HWY 2600-3699 B R001
0LD HIGHWAY 171 2400-3699 B R001
0LD HIGHWAY 171 N 2200-2499 B C007
0LD T0WN RD 2600-3099 B R001
0PEL0USAS ST 2600-5999 B C007
E 0PEL0USAS ST 3600-6399 B C007
PLMILLERRD 1700-1799 B R010
PACKRD 2600-2999 B C007
SPACKRD 2700-2999 B C007
PACKING H0USE RD 100-499 B R027
PAMC0RD 500-599 B C017
PARK RIDGE LN 400-499 B R027
PICKRELLN 3400-3799 B R001
PIN 0AK DR 6100-6199 B R010
PINEVIEWST 2600-2899 B C007
P0EST 2600-2899 B C007
P0RTSM0UTH LN 2800-2899 B R001
P0ST 0AK DR 6100-6199 B R010
E PRIEN LAKE RD 2600-5999 B R027
PR0DUCT DR 400-499 B R027
PR0DUCTLN 200-299 B R027
PR0GRESSIVE ST 2600-2899 B C033
PUJ0LRD 100-2299 B R010
QUEEN CARTER CT 500-599 B C007
RAILR0AD AVE 2600-4299 B C017
RED MARCEAUX RD 1800-1999 B R010
RED 0AK DR 6200-6299 B R010
REEVESRD 2000-2099 B R010
REILLY DR 300-399 B C007
RENEST 2800-3299 B R001
RICHARDRD 100-199 B R027
RIVERRD 4900-6899 B R001
R0BERTS WAY 7500-7699 B R027
R0BERTS R00ST DR 500-599 B C007
R0Y ARABIE RD 6600-6799 B R010
RUSHM0RE DR 2600-2799 B R001
RUSSELL ST 2000-2099 B C033
SADDLEW00D DR 1300-1499 B R027
SAINT MARY ST 400-599 B C007
SCARB0URGH DR 2700-2999 B R001
SCHEUFENS RD 200-499 B R027
SEN J BENNETT J0HNST0N 3400-5099 B C033
SHANERD 100-299 B R010
SHASTA ST 400-699 B C017
SIEBARTHDR 1500-1999 B C033
SIGNAL ST 200-299 B C017
S0UTHERNW00DS DR 6000-6099 B R027
SPRIG ST 300-1899 B C033
SQUIRREL RUN 400-499 B R027
SUMMITST 1100-1599 B C033
SUSAN ST 2000-2199 B C026
SWIFT PLANT RD 5500-5999 B C017
TASCA ST 1400-1499 B C007
TEALST 100-299 B C033
TEALST 1500-1899 B C033
THELMALN 5400-5599 B C017
TH0RNT0NST 3900-4299 B C017
TIMBERLINE DR 600-699 E C017
T0M WATS0N RD 1000-1099 B C017
T0MMYSLN 200-399 B C007
T0WERLN 4400-4499 B C033
TUILERIEDR 2500-2699 B R001
VARNEYCIR 1200-1299 B C033
VENTURE PARK DR 3200-3299 B R027
VINCENT AVE 4000-4099 B C017
VIVEDR 6200-6399 B R001
V0NBL0NDDR 800-899 B C033
WALKERST 1500-1799 B C007
WESLEYST 400-599 B C017
WESLEY LEBLEU RD 1700-1799 B R010
WHITE 0AK DR 6100-6399 B R010
WHITE 0AK PARK 5500-5599 B R001
WIDGE0NST 100-299 B C033
WIDGE0NST 1500-1899 B C033
WILL0WLN 100-399 B C007
WINGATEST 2800-2999 B C007
WRIGHTRD 5700-5999 B C007
YV0NNE DR 1800-1999 B R010
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