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ANTIBODIES= Proteins formed in the body which neutralize harmful microorganisms or their products
AMINO ACID (the building blocks of protein) proteins made of smaller units. @ least 22 are known.
• Essential Amino Acids- 8-10 must be supplied by the diet
• Non-essential amino acids- Those which the body can synthesize
ALBUMIN- An important plasma protein that helps to maintain the body’s fluid balance
CACHEXIA- malnutrition marked by weakness & emaciation
DEAMINATION- To remove Nitrogen from protein
EREPSIN- The protease (protein-splitting enzyme)
KWASHIORKOR- A severe protein-deficiency type of malnutrition of children. It occurs after the child is weaned.
NITROGEN BALANCE- can be defined as the amount of nitrogen that is consumed compared with the amount of nitrogen excreted in a given period of time.
PEPSIN- The active form of the PROTEASE in the gastric juice
PROTEIN- The large complex molecules formed by amino acids
A. Complete proteins- Contain all of the essential amino acids
B. Incomplete Proteins- Lack of one or more of the essential amino acids
RENNIN- An enzyme in gastric juice of infants
STEROLS- Cholesterol belongs to this class of substance
• Six Major Nutrients 1. Carbohydrates= Provide energy 2. Protein= May be used for Energy, however it is rendered useless for any other function 3. Fat=Use for energy 4. Vitamins 5. Minerals 6. Water= Most Vital
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