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Exam #2


Where is the highest population density in Europe? The Core - central Europe
How does the demographic transition model apply to Europe? Today the fertility rate is below the population replacement level.
Why is Europe facing a population age problem? Europe's population is aging faster than any other in the world
Baby Bounty a result of a fertility being below population replacement level
What is being done to combat the age problem in Europe? The hope is to maintain the existing ratio of working age to retired
Why does Europe have a warmer temperature than its northern location would indicate? It is warmer because of the Gulf Stream and being surrounded by the ocean.
What role does water play in Europe's climate? Water cools and heats slower than land this doesn't allow temperatures on the land to get too warm or too hot
Where is the oceanic climate? Northern Europe
What type of weather is Oceanic climate? mild winters, cool summers, ample rainfall
What affects oceanic climate? westerly winds coming off the ocean
Where is the humid continental climate? further inland (away from the influence of water)
What are the characteristics of humid continental climate? more extreme temperatures, area with fertile soil
Where is the Mediterranean climate? southern Europe
What are the characteristics of Mediterranean climate? dry summers, wet winters
Where is the tundra climate located? the northernmost parts
What are the characteristics of the tundra climate? very short frost season, very little vegetation
What languages are spoken in the Romance culture? French, Spanish, Italian
Where is the Germanic languages spoken? North-western part of Europe
What languages are spoken in the Germanic culture? German, English, Dutch
Where are the Slavic languages spoken? Eastern part of Europe
What languages are spoken in the Slavic culture Ukrainian, Russian, Polish
What is the main religion of south western Europe? Catholic
What is the main religion of south eastern Europe? Orthodox
What is the main religion of northern Europe? Protestants
What is the fastest growing religion in Europe? Islam(Muslim)
Where is Islam present? France
How did colonial enterprise help build Europe into a global economic superpower? The transformation of society from agricultural to industrial
What natural resources and developments allowed for industrialization of Europe? Development of Coke, steam engine, coal powered machinery
Deindustrialization process shifting away from labor-costly towards the production of high tech goods
Primary- 1800's agricultural, mining very popular
secondary- 1900's manufacturing growing
tertiary- 2000's services/ technology very popular
"brexit" British exit from the union
iron curtain theoretical divide between capitalism in the west and soviet/ communist in the east
Marshall Plan Post- WW2 plan: U.S. giving supplies and money to support Europe after War.
NATO North Atlantic treaty organization- a security alliance of 30 countries
Warsaw Pact military alliance consisting of the soviet union and some eastern European countries (all against NATO)
What is the E.U.? "supranational organization" that pools economic and human resources of its members nations
What is the difference between the UK, Great Britain, and England? Nothing, they all are the same
What industries help build the UK? heavy industries: iron and steel, agricultural: cotton and wool, and fishing industry
What are the cultural/industrial characteristics of France? Europe's largest country in area, Europe's leading agricultural country, one of the world's major industrial nations
What is a primate city? a city that dominates a country's urban scene and is larger than a country's 2nd and 3rd largest countries combined?
How is Paris an example of a Primate city? Strategic location: centrally located World's leading tourist destination
What are the Urban characteristics of Paris? transportation hub: all systems lead to Paris
Historical Geography of West Europe formed from the territory occupied by the allies. Benefited from the Marshall plan
Historical Geography of East Europe Formed from the territory occupied by the Soviet Union (a satellite nation)
Shatterbelt a large strategically located region composed of conflicting states caught between the conflicting interests of great power
Is Russia gaining or losing population? Losing population because of russian cross
Russian cross the dramatic rise in death rates and fall of birth rates in Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union
Which region have the highest growth rates? West of the Ural mountains
What three factors affect Russia's climate? latitudinal position, continental position (big land, no water), location of major mountains
unproductive climates polar (tundra) and Subarctic (taiga)
Productive climates( in the west and south) humid continental, semiarid
characteristics of Polar(tundra) permafrost and frozen land
characteristics of subarctic climate zone taiga( coniferous forest) largest biome few people, very cold
semiarid (steppe) black earth belt: very productive where most people live
Where is the most fertile soil found in Russia? in black earth belt
Why is Russia's population declining? decline of health, unhealthy lifestyles
What is the main language in Russia? Slavic
What language is spoken in "Stans" nations? Turkic- Altaic family
command economy a centrally planned economy typical of the Soviet Union and its communist allies, in which the government, rather than free enterprise determines the production, distribution, and sale of economic goods and services
glasnot policies that allow a more democratic political system and more freedom of expression
Perestroika policies that allow a more market-oriented economy
Who implemented glasnot and perestroika? Mikhail Gorbachev
Why did the soviet union fail? it produced goods no one wanted the planners had to be CEO's of companies it was centrally planned
When did the soviet union dissolve?
What is collectivized agriculture? The process by which farmland is aggregated is called collectivization.
What was the five year plan? it called for the country's real national income to double in five years and investment to treble, while consumption per head was to rise by two-thirds.
Who was the first democratically elected president of Russia? Boris Yeltsin
What was Yeltsin's economic plan called? economic shock therapy, it was too much too fast
economic shock therapy russia's economic transformation in the early 1990's from a command economy to a free-market economy
How was Putin's style different? his style was more authoritarian. Return to the traditional top-down style federal system
What is irredentism? movement by ethnic minority banning together in one country often trying to break away to form another country
How is Ukraine an example of irredentism? Ukraine is a shatterbelt country
Why would Russia want Ukraine? very fertile area
What and where is the fertile triangle? the core which contains nearly 3/4 of the population and almost all ag. and industry. Located in the black earth belt
What is Russia's periphery? remaining 4/5 of land little population
What does the trans-siberian railroad do for Russia? it links the eastern part of country to the core of country
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