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motion & design


engineer a person versed in the design,constrution,and use of machines.
vehicle any means of transport, im which something is carried or conveyed, or travels.
dynamics a branch of physics that focuseson forces and their relatiion to motion (and to the absence of motion
technology the developmenrt and use of products, systems, or environment that solve promblems and extened human capabilities.
protetype the original or model on which something is patterned.
technological design process of identifying a problem creating a solution,evaluating the solution by testing,and then refining the design to improve performance
recursive at any point in the process,one can return to a previous step to make inprovments.
technical drawing a three view drawing of a vehicle.
blue print detailed plan
force a push or pull
balanced force the forces acting on an object that are equal in size and opposite in direction,canceling rach other out
unabled forces forces that initiate and influence movement
friction a force that opposes motion
potential energy the energy an object has because of it's condition
kinetic energy the energy of motion,or energy in use
mass the amount of material in a object
weight a amount of forces gravity exerts on objrct's mass
median middle measure
mode most frequet measure
mean average
line plot illustrates the range of students' measurements
speed distance moved in one unit of time
motion change in position from one place to another
interia tendency to remain at rest or to continue in motion
strandered vehicle a drawing used to copy,duplicate,or reproduce a design
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