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Clinical Signs / Nut

Nutritional signs Good / Poor

General Appearance Good/ Alert, Responsive Poor/ Listless, apathetic, cachexia
Hair Good/ Shiny, lustrous, healthy scalp Poor/ Stringy, dull, brittle, dry, depigmented
Neck Glands Good/ No enlargement Poor/ Thyroid enlargement
Skin, face, neck G/ smooth, slight moist, good color, reddish-pink mucous membranes Poor/ Greasy, discolored, scaly
Eyes Good/ Bright, clear; no fatigue circles P/ Dryness, S/S infection, increased vascularity, glassiness, thickened conjunctive
Lips Good/ Good color, moist Poor/ Dry, scaly, swollen, angular lesions (stomatitis)
Tongue Good/ Good pink color, surface papillae present, no lesions. Poor/ Papillary atrophy, smooth appearance, swollen, red, beefy (glossitis)
Gums Good/ Good pink color, no swelling or bleeding, firm Poor/ Marginal redness or swelling, receding, spongy.
Teeth Good/ Straight, no crowding, well-shaped jaw, clean, no discoloration. Poor/ Unfilled cavities, absent teeth, worn surfaces, mottled, malpositioned.
Skin, general Good/ Smooth, slightly moist, good color, good turgor. Poor/ Rough, dry, scaly, pale, pigmented, irritated, petechiae (minor hemorrhage), bruises.
Abdomen Good/ Flat Poor/ Swollen
Legs, feet Good/ No tenderness, weakness, swelling, good color. Poor/ Edema, tender calf, tingling, weakness.
Skeleton Good/ No malformations Poor/ Bowlegs, knock-knees, chest deformity at diaphragm, beaded ribs, prominent scapulae.
Weight Good/ Normal for height, age, body build. Poor/ Over weight or Underweight.
Posture Good/ Erect, arms & legs straight, abdomen in, chest out. Poor/ Sagging shoulders, sunken chest, humped back.
Muscles Good/ Well developed, firm. Poor/ Flaccid, poor tone, undeveloped, tender.
Nervous Control Good/ Good attention span for age, does not cry easily, not irritable or restless. Poor/ Inattentive, irritable.
GI function Good/ Good appetite and digestion, normal, regular elimination. Poor/ Anorexia, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.
General Vitality Good/ Endurance, energetic, sleeps well at night, vigorous Poor/ Easily fatigued, no energy, falls asleep in school, looks tired, apathetic.
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