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Solar System

What is the solar system? the sun and objects that orbit around it
where is the sun located? the sun is located in the center of the earth
Is the sun a planet or a star? The sun is a star
what is a planet? a large body of rock or gas that orbits around the sun
how many planets are in the solar system? 8 planets
what are the planets in the solar system? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Is Pluto a star or a planet? Pluto is a star
Which planets are considered the inner planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Which planet holds plant life and animal life? Earth
Which is the closest planet to the sun? Mercury
Which is the farthest plaent from the sun? Neptune
Which are considered to have colder surfaces and frozen gases inner planets or outer planets? outer planets
which planets are considered to be the outer planets. Jupiter, saturn, Uranus, Neptune
what are asteroids? chunks of rocl or metal that orbit the sun
what are comets? large balls of ice and dust that orbit the sun
what is a meteor? a streak of light that is created when matter in the solar system falls into the earths atmosphere.
What is the sun made of? Hydrogen
the gaseous area surrounding a planet or other object is? the atmosphere
groups of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity is? the Galexy
the path an object takes around another is called? orbit
what is a minor planet? asteroid
what does revolve mean? when something is moving around in a circle around another object.
This planet is grey, covered with craters it has no moons, air, or water, it takes 88 days to revolve around the sun, which planet is it? Mercury
Which planet is called the red planet because the sand is made of red iron? Mars
I am the biggest planet I have a red spot that is three times the size off earth, which planet am I? Jupiter
I am covered with thick poisonous cluds, I am very hot, I take 225 ddays to rotate around the sun which planet am I? Venus
This planet is 93 million miles away from the sun, it takes 365 days to rotate around the sun and the moon rotaes around this planet every 24 hours, which plaent is it? Earth
This planet has thousands of rings around it which are made up of ice, rock and dust which planet is it? Saturn
I am the last and coldest planet, I am 3 billion miles away from the sun, it takes me 165 earth years to rotate around the sun which planet am I? Neptune
this planet is covered by blue green fog, it has grey moons, it takes 84 earth years to rotate around the sun, which planet am I? Uranus
what is a round hole in the ground made by something that has fallen on it or by an explosion crater
Created by: rones616