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Geo Ch 13 Unit Test

World Geography Ch 13 Unit Test

Know the Benelux countries. Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium.
TGV Worlds fastest passenger train in France.
The 2 dominant Countries in Western Europe France and Germany
Crusades wars by the Christians to take Palestine from the Muslims.
Date of fall of Rome (the western empire) A.D. 476
Type of government in Great Britain. Monarchy that has a parliament.
Name of warriors who terrorized Europe. Vikings
Know the 5 Nordic counties. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland
Know the 2 geographic advantages that helped the Mediterranean to become a birthplace of European Civilization. Mild climate, nearby Mediterranean Sea for trade.
Romany The Gypsy
Black Death and how it was brought to Mediterranean Europe. Bubonic Plague / trade ships
Country who exports high-quality flower bulbs. the Netherlands
Middle Ages the period between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance
Know the 2 ways that Great Britain played a role in shaping our modern world. Industrial spread from there / help to develop Representative Gov.
Dominant religion in France. Chotholic
2 luxury goods exported by Western Europe. German Cars / Swiss Watches
Know the 2 things that Great Britain built a global empire on. Economic strong / Strong navy
Byzantine Empire Eastern Roman Empire
Created by: P.V.A.
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