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Fungi Quiz

Fungus/fungi Multicellular (except for yeast), eukaryote, decomposing organisms, usually found in warm, moist places, reproduces w/ spores
Mycologist Branch of botany that deals w/ fungus
Decomposer An organism that breaks down large chemicals from dead organisms into small chemicals and returns important materials to the soil and water
Organic matter any material that IS LIVING or was ONCE LIVING
Enzyme Chemicals used to break down food/organic matter into simpler substances
Hypha(e) one of many branching, threadlike tubes that make up the body of most fungus
Mycelium the network of hyphae that grows INTO the organic material being decomposed (makes up the bulk of the organism)
Fruiting body the reproductive hypha of a fungus
Spore a tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism
budding a form of asexual reproduction of yeast in which a new yeast cell grows out of the body of a parent
parasite an organism that lives on or in a host and causes harm to the host
symbiosis a close relationship between two organisms in which at least one organism benefits
mutualism a type of symbiosis in which both partners benefit from living together
licken mix of 1 fungus and 1 algae
Created by: maglove97