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Unit 8 Vocab..

7-5 Petersen Unit 8: Ch. 22-25 (Asia)

subcontinent large landmass not as big a continent:INDIA is called this, but so are Greenland,Mid-East,Europe
monsoon seasonal wind & flooding over a south & SE Asia for months at a time--The rainy season!
green revolution great increase in food grains production due to the use of improved seeds, pesticides, and efficient farming techniques
jute plant fiber used for making rope, burlap bags, and carpet backing
cottage industry businesses in homes or villages where family members own equipment to make goods/products
pesticide powerful chemicals that kill crop-destroying insects-cide (to kill)
caste social class based on a person's ancestry- INDIA-born a peasant, always a peasant, etc.
reincarnation rebirth of a soul in a new body
tributary small river that flows into a large river
delta area formed from a soil deposit located at the MOUTH of a river
cyclone intense/severe storm system with heavy rain and high winds
dzong Buddhist center of prayer and study in Bhutan
atoll low lying, ring-shaped island that surrounds a lagoon
lagoon shallow pool of water surrounded by reefs, sandbars, or atolls
dike high banks of soil built along rivers to control floods- like walls to keep out water
fault crack in the earth's crust
communist state country whose government has strong control over the economy and society as a whole
consumer goods household products, clothing, and other goods people buy to use for themselves
dynasty line of rulers from the same family
human rights basic freedoms and rights that all people should enjoy
exile inability(CAN NOT) to live in one's own country because of political beliefs
calligraphy the art of beautiful writing
pagoda BUDDIST TEMPLE - they have many levels or stories & the roof turns up at the corners
high-technology industry industry that produces computers and other kinds of electronic equipment
steppe a biome in mid-lats, partly DRY w/grassland, found next to a desert BUT not like savannas that are in the tropics
nomad people who move from place to place, usually with herds of animals--no permanent location
empire group of lands under one ruler
yurt large circle-shaped tent made of animal skins that can be packed up and moved from place to place
tsunami huge sea wave caused by and earthquake on the ocean floor
archipelago group of islands
intensive cultivation growing crops on every available piece of land
clan group of people related to one another
shogun military leader in early JAPAN
constitutional monarchy government in which a king or queen is the official head of state, but ELECTED politicians really run the government
megalopolis pattern more & more large URBAN areas spreading over a large area- a giant urban area
parallel these are like latitude lines going in the same direction & equal degrees apart, never touch, but Lg. lines do touch at the poles.
famine lack(small amount) of food
precious gems valuable gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, jade, etc.
deforestation cutting large widespread areas of trees that causes major erosion & starts desertification
socialism economic system where most businesses are owned & run by the gov.- similar to communism
civil war fight amoung different groups within a country
plate continental size rock slabs floating on the mantel & are bottom layer of the earth's crust
strait narrow,skinny body of water between 2 pieces of land connecting two large bodies of water
free port place where goods can be unloaded, stored & shipped w/o needing to pay any import taxes
terraced field look like a giant's steps down a mt. &cut out so the water won't run off & farmers can grow crops/plants on the'steps'
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