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Climate & Change

Climate and Global Warming Vocabulary for Quarter 3 6th grade science

Climate the average weather of an area, determined by temperature and precipitation
Microclimate a small area with a different climate than the surrounding area
El Niño the warming of the western Pacific ocean that causes droughts in Australia and floods in South America
Gulf Stream a warm ocean current that flows from the equator to the North Pole, bringing warm weather to Great Brittan
Global Warming the gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere
Greenhouse Gases gases in the atmosphere that absorb heat and send it back to Earth’s surface making the world warmer
Greenhouse Effect the trapping of heat inside the earth’s atmosphere
Glacier a large mass of slow moving ice; can be larger than a city and taller than a sky scrapper
Carbon Dioxide one of the main greenhouse gases, it is released from the burning of fossil fuels. Plants also absorb it
Methane one of the main greenhouse gases, it is released from livestock
E.P.A Environmental Protection Agency
Compost A mixture of decomposing organic matter, used to improve the physical properties of the soil
Landfill where garbage is deposited and then buried.
Created by: Marquart