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Unit 6

Vocab - 7-5 Petersen Unit 6: Ch. 16-18 (North Africa and Southwest Asia)

civilization highly developed cultures-a group of people that have developed to the point of having language, art, government, religion, etc.
city-state mini-urban area + surrounding country-side villages- miniture country- small like Andorra)
polytheism belief in MORE THAN ONE GOD (poly=more than one)
theocracy RELIGION + GOVERNMENT - A form of GOVERNMENT in which one individual ruled as both a religious leader and king (theos-Greek term for god)
cuneiform SUMERIAN WRITING SYSTEM using wedge-shaped symbols pressed into clay tablets
empire group of lands under one ruler
delta LAND AREA (mini-islands) formed by water washing fine particles of silt to the mouth of a river & deposited(put)-where the water exits to the sea,ocean,etc.--VERY GOOD SOIL
pharaoh RULER(king/czar) of ancient Egypt
pyramid huge stone structure that served as an elaborate tomb or monument
hieroglyphics FORM OF WRITING that uses signs and symbols
papyrus Egyptian hand-made paper
monotheism belief in ONE god (mono=one)
covenant agreement
prophet MESSENGER of God
disciple follower of a specific teacher .. Those people are the disciples of Christ.
Five Pillars of Faith religious obligations/requirements of Islam/Muslims
hajj RELIGIOUS journey/TRIP to Makkah/Mecca by MUSLIMS are to make once during their life if possible(Mekkah,FivePillars)Of Faith, Isalm,Muslim,Koran,etc.)
silt small soil particles w/lots of nutrients- (rich means nutrients(vitamins & minerals)that roots take to plant-makes good crops)
oasis green grassy area in a desert-fertile (able to grow-due to an underground spring/river)
phosphate MINERAL salt used in fertilizers
republic strong national GOVERNMENT headed by ELECTED leaders--PEOPLE have CONTROL & not gov.
fellahin Egypt FARMERS who live in villages & work on small plots of land that they RENT-NOT OWN
bazaar MARKETPLACE-fresh food & goods -oid type of outdoor mall
service industries type of BUSINESSES/JOBS that provide/GIVE HELP to people NOT of producing goods- ie. doctors, teachers, plumbers
mosque place of WORSHIP for follower of Islam (people-Muslim/ holy book/ Koran(Quran)- Five Pillars of Faith -hajj, etc.)
aquifer underground ROCK LAYER/HOLD WATER- water flows through rocks and gets trapped
dictatorship GOVERNMENT under the control of ONE all-powerful leader- usually RULES BY FORCE
erg huge area of shifting SAND DUNES in the SAHARA DESERT- fun place to ride a dune buggy
civil war FIGHT among different groups WITHIN a country
secular NON-religious (not including or involving religion in something like government, school, business, etc.--not run by religion rules)
casbah ANCIENT AREAS/sections of ALGERIA cities
constitutional monarchy government (CROWN+ELECTED)in which a KING/QUEEN is the official HEAD OF state/country, BUT elected officials run the government
migrate to move/ROAM from one place to another-to get food
Bedouins nomadic DESERT PEOPLE of Southwest Asia (not mad, they like roaming the dunes)Been roamin Beduoin? Got sand? Like buggying?
kibbutz HEBREW/JEWISH SETTLEMENT in ISRAEL where the people share property & produce goods--NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS
moshav SETTLEMENT in Israel where HEBREW/JEWISH people share property but also own some private property-one step better from the kibbutz group
Holocaust systematic MURDER of millions of JEWISH HEBREW people let by HITLER- WWII 1930s to 1945
wadi rare downpour of rain into a dry river bed
desalinization process to make seawater drinkable- TO de-SALT take out the salt from ocean water
caliph successor(2nd in line)to Muhammad-LEADER of ISLAM religion
alluvial plain area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods
embargo order(rule)by a gov. that restricts, prohibits (doesn't allow) trade with a country (Cuba & N.Korea-due to human rights-- why China, Vietnam,& Loas are allowed-why?Ck out World Trade Organization)
shah TITLE/NAME of KINGS who ruled IRAN The _____of Iran is does not like ......
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