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CME Bk 4 Ln4 Travel

Do we have to explain? This stack has all the words plus the dialogue on pg 27.

lǚ xíng shè 旅行社
ruǎn wò 软卧
cān jiā 参加
cān guān 参观
chū fā 出发
jīng jiǔ xiàn 京九线
zhí tōng chē 直通车
cān chē 餐车
xǐ shǒu jiān 洗手间
dào dá 到达
huí chéng 回程
háng kōng 航空
bān jī 班机
guó jì 国际
xíng lǐ 行李
dài bàn 代办
hù zhào 护照
qiān míng 签名
tōng xíng zhèng 通行证
shōu fèi 收费
xīng jí 星级
zhù sù 住宿
xíng chéng 行程
lǚ yóu 旅游
jǐng diǎn 景点
guàng jiē 逛街
gòu wù 购物
bào míng 报名
rì qī 日期
yǐ xià 以下
duì huà 对话
jiè shào 介绍
I'd like to buy train ticket from Shanghai to Beijing. 我要买上海到北京的火车票。
Which day's do you want? 你要哪天的?
Tomorrow's. 明天的。
Sorry. 对不起。
This train's tickets are sold out. 这个车次的票卖完了。
Then are there still tickets for another train? 那还有没有其他车次的票?
There are tickets for 3:08pm tomorrow afternoon. 有明天下午三点零八分的票。
How many hours is it on the road? 路上要几个小时?
About 12 hours. 大约十二个小时。
Then I will take this train. 那就坐这班车吧。
Soft sleeping berth costs $180 each, and hard sleeping berth costs $90 each. 软卧每张一百八十块,硬卧每张九十块。
Children's tickets are half price. 儿童票半价。
How many tickets are you buying? 你买几张票?
Do you want one-way ticket or round-trip tickets? 你要单程票还是来回票?
Altogether $450. 一共四百五十块。
Here's $500 for you. 给你五百块。
Here's $50 in change. 找你五十块。
Created by: EWHS-Mandarin
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