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BI 250 Bone Morph.

Anatomy Bone Morphology

Long Bones Movement, Long Angles
Irregular Bones Some limited plane movement
Flat Bones Protective Functions
Axial Skeleton Skull, Vertebra, Ribcage, Sternum
Appendicular Skeleton Pectoral Girdle (Clavicle/Scapula), Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Hands, Femur, Tibia/Fibula, Feet, Pelvic Girdle
Pelvis Joint Type: Pubic Symphysis, minimal movement
Pelvis Joint Type: SI Minimal movement, fibrotic in adults, synovial in children
Femur Joint Type: Hip Ball & Socket
Femur Joint Type: Tibia Modified Hinge
Femur Joint Type: Femoropatellar Gliding
Fibia Articulation: Proximal Lateral aspect of the Tibia
Fibia Articulation: Distal Lateral aspect of the Tibia & Lateral Talus
Calcaneous Articulation Articulates with the Talus (superiorly) and the Cuboid (anteriorly)
Tarsals Articulation Articulates with distal Tibia
Pelvis Articulation: Posteriorly Sacrum -Sacroiliac Joints
Pelvis Articulation: Anteriorly Pubic Symphysis
Pelvis Articulation: Inferio-laterally Hip
Femur Articulation: Proximal Acetabulum of the Hip
Femur Articulation: Distal-Major Tibial
Femur Articulation: Distal-Minor Patella & Proximal Fibula
Right and Left Halves of Pelvis are known as? "hemipelvis" (of that half)
Wrist Articulation: Proximal The proximal 4 bones articulate with the radius and ulna
Wrist Articulation: Distal The distal 4 bones articulate with the metacarpals
Number of bones in Wrist? The wrist is comprised of eight bones
What are the joint types in the Wrist? Gliding and Plane joint types
Ulna Joint Type: Proximal Hinge
Ulna Joint Type: Distal Pivot
Ulna Articulation: Distal Triquetrum, Lunate, and Capitate
Major Blood Supply by Distal Ulna Articulation Ulnar Artery
Major Nerve by Distal Ulna Articulation Median
Ulna Articulation: Proximal Humerus: More medially than laterally
Radius Joint Type: Proximal Pivot
Radius Joint Type: Distal Condyloid
Radius Articulation: Distal-Laterally Head of Ulna
Radius Articulation: Distal-Distal,Medial Lunate
Radius Articulation: Distal-Distal,Lateral Scaphoid
Radius Articulation: Proximal Minor, Capitulum of Humerus
Humerus Joint Type: Proximal Ball & Socket
Humerus Joint Type: Distal Hinge
Humerus Articulation: Distal Ulna and Minor Articulation with radial head
Humerus Articulation: Proximal Scapula (Glenoid Fossa), Distal Clavicle & Acromion
What is the location of the nerve, artery, and vein associated with each rib? Inferior portion of the rib
Where does the head of the rib articulate? With the transverse process, which allows them to move up and down when you breath
Where does the first rib attach to the sternum? The first rib attaches to the manubrium
How many floating ribs are there? Which pair are they? 4 floating ribs, two pair, rib pairs 11 & 12
How many ribs are there? 24 ribs, 12 pairs
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