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Ch 13 Elec. & Magnet


This happens when positive and negative charges no longer balance. Give an example of it. Static electricity. Example- Lightning.
How is lightning formed? a) when the particles in a storm cloud are neutral b.) when positive particles form near the top of the clouds and negative particles form near the bottom of the clouds. c.) When positive particles form near the top and bottom. B.when positive particles form near the top of the clouds and negative particles form near the bottom of the clouds.
Materials made up of atoms that become charged more easily than others. Electric passes fast. Give an example. Conductors. Copper & Silver.
Materials are made of atoms that do not become charged easily. Electric charge moves slowly through them. Give example. Insulators. plastic, wood, glass
Negative and Positive a) repel b) Attract B. Attract
Negative and Negative; Positive and Positive A) repel B)attract A. Repel
The invisible field around a magnet is the magnet's.. Magnetic Field
This helps converts electric energy to magnetic energy to mechanical energy Electromagnets
Electromagnets in doorbells 2. Transformer- Controls current sent to electromagnet 3. Electromagnet- Electricity flows to wire and magnetizes the electromagnet 4. Contact Arm- pulls up 5. Bell
How do you make electromagnets stronger? More coiled loops of wire, wrapping around a iron core, larger core makes it stronger.
The compass cannot be close to a ... Magnet
If no magnet is near the compass which way does it point? North
His discovery led to the first electric motor Michael Faraday
Name the inventor who produced a current by changing a magnetic field. Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry
What happens when a magnet breaks? It become two magnets with a north and south pole.
In a _________, electrical current flows in one path only Series circuit
In a _________, electrical current has two or more paths to follow. Parallel circuit
Created by: JRojas