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Astronomy lesson 12

Apologia Astronomy lesson 12

The _________________ ___________ is a lot like the Asteroid Belt, but the objects are larger and colder. Kuiper Belt
Objects in the Kuiper Belt look a lot like Pluto so they have been called _______________. Plutinos (or little Plutos)
In 2002 an object was found in the Kuiper Belt that is about half the size of Pluto. It was named _________________. Quaoar
Pluto is usually considered the 9th planet, however for a ___________ year period during its orbit, it switches places with Neptune to become the 8th planet. 20
What year was Pluto discovered in? 1930
Pluto looks a lot like a comet's _____________ which is made of ice with rocks mixed in it. nucleus
Pluto rotates in the opposite direction compared with most planets. Name two other planets that also rotate in the opposite direction. Venus and Uranus
It takes __________ Earth days for Pluto to rotate on its axis. (So a day on Pluto is this many Earth days.) 6
Pluto is called a "_________ _________" like Uranus because is looks like it is lying on its side. sleepy planet
The revolution period (time it takes for it to revolve around the Sun once) is _________ Earth years for Pluto. 248
Pluto has seasons. (true or false) true
NASA has sent an unmanned spacecraft to Pluto called _______ _______________ which is scheduled to arrive in 2015. New Horizons
Pluto has a mooon named _______________. Charon
Pluto's moon is not much smaller than Pluto and is very close to Pluto causing them to be called a ____________ ____________ by some astronomers. double planet
Be able to list 5 reasons (from your book) why Pluto may not be a planet. (There are more than 5 listed in book---I have listed them all for you.) Possible answers:(1) It's too small to be a planet.(2) It has a highly elliptical orbit.(3) It orbits on a slanted plane. (4) It's moon is too big compared to Pluto's size.(5) It is the only non-gaseous planet of the outer planets.
(con't list of reasons why Pluto may not be a planet) (6) It looks like a comet. (7) It looks like a Kuiper Belt object. (8) It is not large enough to be a planet.
Pluto is named for the Roman god of the ______________. underworld
Created by: amcollins