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Japanese Basic Vocabulary (Romaji)

ichi one
ni two
san three
shi/yon four
go five
roku six
shichi/nana seven
hachi eight
kyuu nine
juu ten
juuichi eleven
juuni twelve
nijuu twenty
sanjuu thirty
yonjuu fourty
gojuu fifty
rokujuu sixty
nanajuu seventy
hachijuu eighty
kyuujuu ninety
hyaku hundred
tatte kudasai please stand
suwatte kudasai please sit
kiite kudasai please listen
shizuka ni shite kudasai please be quiet
ohayou gozaimasu good morning
konnichi wa good afternoon
konban wa good evening
oyasumi nasai good night
sayonara goodbye
aka red
ao blue
chairo brown
daidaiiro orange
haiiro grey
kiiro yellow
midori green
kuro black
shiro white
iro colors
murasaki purple
momoiro pink
sukina iro wa nan desu ka what is your favorite color?
doubutsu animals
buta pig
hitsuji sheep
inu dog
neko cat
kaba hippo
kitsune fox
kirin giraffe
kuma bear
nezumi mouse
tiger tora
saru monkey
tori bird
uma horse
ookami wolf
raion lion
rakuda camel
risu squirrel
shika deer
usagi rabbit
ushi cow/ox
yagi goat
zou elephant
shimauma zebra
nijuuichi twenty one
sanjuuni thirty two
yonjuusan fourty three
gojuuyon fifty four
rokujuugo sixty five
nanajuuroku seventy six
hachijuunana eighty seven
kyuujuuhachi ninety eight
hyakugojuu one hundred and fifty
gin silver
kin gold
sugoi cool
kawaii cute
suki like
oishii delicious
atsui hot
samui cold
atsui desu ne? its hot today isnt it?
Genki energetic
O genki desu ka? how are you?
ganbatte do your best
honto really
shitai i wanna try it
tsukareta tired
nani? what
tanoshii fun
omoshiroi interesting
owari end
doko where
dare who
ikutsu how many
ai love
heya room
aruku walk
hanasu speak
hashiru run
miru see or watch
taberu eat
watashi, boku I, me
hare sunny
kumori cloudy
ame rain
yuki snow
tokidori sometimes
ikura desu ka? how much is it?
sen one thousand
Created by: Berghofer



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