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Latin 2

Forum Romanum Foods

agnus lamb
amygdala almonds
anguilla eel
asparagus asparagus
betae beets
brassica cabbage
bubula beef
caepae onions
canceres crab
caseus cheese
cerasia cherries
cervus deer
cochleae snails
ficus fig
fungi mushrooms
garum fish sauce
glires dormice
iecur liver
lactua lettuce
lepus rabbit
locusta locust
malum apple
mel honey
nuces nuts
olivae olives
ostreae oysters
ova egg
panis bread
perna ham
persica peaches
phaesoli virides green beans
pisae peas
pisces fish
porcina pork
pruna plum
pullus chicken
uvae grapes
vitellus veal
holera vegetables
sal salt
piper pepper
Created by: hflmagistra