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Unit 22

WW 22

What is showing too much pride in oneself? arrogant
What is to join others in refusing to deal with a person or group? boycott
What is a series of actions intended to accomplish a goal? campaign
What is a formal event held in honor of a special occasion? ceremony
What is control over and responsibility for care? custody
What is to bring shame or disgrace upon? degrade
What is a word that means to reach out, offer, make longer, strectch or lie? extend
What word means to unite into a whole, to end the separation of races? integrate
What word means to keep separate or apart? segregate
What is the highest in rank or position, or of the greatest importance? supreme
What is a word that means a noteworthy success or the joy winning brings? triumph
What word means to make empty, as by leaving? vacate
What word means to break, as a law or promise, to treat in an improper or disrespectful way? violate
Created by: auntmuriel