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Chap 11 Circulatory

Notes over Chapter 11: Circulatory System, Anatomy

What is the function of the circulatory system? Transportation and Protection
Describe the location of the heart? Between lungs, in lower portion of mediastinum, 2/3 of mass on left side, apex on diaphragm
What does CPR stand for and when is this procedure required? Cardiopulmonary Recussitation; when a patient has no pulse
Name the four chambers of the heart Right Atrium, Right Ventricle, Left Atrium, Left Ventricle
What is the myocardium? Cardiac tissue of heart chambers
What is the endocardium? Inflammation of endocardium? Lining of the inner chambers of the heart; endocarditis
What is the pericardium? What are its two layers? Where is each located? Outer covering of the heart; visceral pericardium (lines outside of the heart), parietal pericardium (sac outside the heart)
Differentiate between systole and diastole Systole = contraction of heart, Diastole = relaxation of heart
List the valves of heart and their functions Tricuspid - separates right atrium from ventricle/Bicuspid - separates left atrium from ventricle/SL valves - separates right ventricle and pulmonary artery/Left semilunar valves - separates aorta from ventricle
What sound does the heart make? What is taking place in the heart to cause this to happen? Lub (closure of AV valves as ventricles contract) Dup (closure of SV valves as SL valves relax)
Do all of the chambers contract at the same time? Explain. No; atria contract first, then ventricles.
Trace pathway of blood through heart and lungs. Blood enters through vena cava - Right atrium -Tricuspid - Right ventricle - Pulmonary valve - Pulmonary artery - lungs - pulmonary veins - left atrium - left AV valve - left ventricle - aortic valve - aorta
Differentiate between pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation. Pulmonary: movement of blood from right ventricle to lungs / Systemic: movement of blood from left ventricle to lungs
What is coronary circulation and why is it needed? Delivery of oxygen rich blood to cardiac muscle tissue and the return of oxygen poor blood to venous system / Heart needs blood because it is a muscle
Through what two blood vessels does blood flowing to the heart pass? Right and left coronary arteries
Describe coronary bypass surgery. Veins or arteries are harvested from other parts of the body and are used to bypass partial blockages in coronary arteries, that could lead to a heart attack.
What is angioplasty? A procedure in which a device is inserted into a blood vessel to open a channel for blood flow
What is the cardiac cycle and what does it include? Cycle of each complete heartbeat - relaxation/contraction of atria, then ventricles
What is the average heart rate? How long does it take to complete one cardiac cycle? 60-80 BPM / .8 seconds
What are the four structures that make up the conduction system and what do they do? SA node - atrial contraction / AV node - relays impulse through AV bundle and Perkinje fibers - ventricular contraction
What is an artificial pacemaker used to treat? Heart block
What does the P wave, QRS complex, and T wave represent? P wave - depolarization of atriaQRS complex - depolarization of ventriclesT wave - repolarization of ventricles
Created by: lnromans