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An increase in hormone concentration will cause? AN INHIBITION OF HORMONE-RELEASEING FACTORS
The hormones of the adrenal medulla are under the control of which structure? AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM
All of the adenohypophyseal hormones have an effect on a target gland except? GROWTH HORMONE
The anterior pituitary receives stimulation from the hypthalamus through? VASCULAR SYSTEM
What is secreted by the anterior pituitary? A. ACTH (adrenocorticotropichormone) B. THYROID-STIMULATIONG HORMONE C. GROWTH HORMONE
What factor inhibit the release of growth hormone? HYPERGLYCEMIA
ADH release is inhibited by? DECREASED SERUM OSMOLALITY
Which hormone does the thyroid gland secrete A.THYROXINE B. TRIIODOTHYRONINE C. CALCITONIN
The release of thyroxine is inhibited by? HYPERTHERMIA
What is another name for hyper thyroidism? GRAVE'S DISEASE
Parahormone release is inhibited by which serum situation? INCREASED CALCIUM
Parahormone secretion is stimulated by which humoral event? A. DECREDASED CALCIUM B. INCREASED MAGNESIUM C. INCREASED PHOSPHATE
Calcitonin is released by which organ? THYROID GLAND
What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism? A. PARESTHESIA OF THE FINGERS B. SENSITIVITY TO COLD. C. DRY SCALY SKIN.
What are the symptoms of myxedema coma? A.HYPOTERMIA. B. HYPOVENTILATION. C. HYPONATREMIA.
What are some precipitating factors of myxedema coma? A.STRESS B. INFECTION. C. EXPOSURE TO COLD.
Which part of the endocrine system secretes aldosterone? ZONA GLOMERULUS OF THE ADRENAL CORTEX
Which category of hormones is secreted by the adrenal cortex? A. GLUCOCORTICOIDS. B. MINERALCORTICOIDS. C. ANDROGENIC HORMONES
Primary adrenal insufficiency is characterized by? HYPERPIGMENTATION
Which is another term for adrenal insufficiency? ADDISON'S DISEASE
Aldosterone exerts its action on the distal convoluted tubule to cause which effect? SODIUM REABSORPTION
Adrenal insufficiency is characterized by? HYPERPIGMENTATION
What stimulates insulin secretion? GROWTH HORMONE
Which blood gas change is usually present in DKA? RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS AND METABOLIC ACIDOSIS
Hyperfunction of the adrenal medulla is referred to as which of the following? PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA
The clinincal sitiuation of large fluctuations in blood glucose, such as hypoglycemia symptoms in a patient with hyperglycemia, is described by which term? SOMOGYI EFFECT
What is the anticipated cortisol level during critical illness? > 15 mcg/dL
A deficiency of parathormone causes which clinical sign? HYPOCALCEMIA
Appropriate response to treatment of myxedema coma would be illustrated by which changes in physiologic parameters? INCREASE IN BODY TEMPERATURE
Which is associated with hypoparathyroidism? TROUSSEAU'S SIGN, THYROIDECTOMY, HYPOCALCEMIA
Which part of the endocrine system secretes aldosterone? zona glomerulus of the adrenal cortex.
Which category of hormone is secreted by the adrenal cortex? GLUCOCORTICOIDS, MINERALOCORTICOIDS, ANDROGENIC HORMONES.
Primary adrenal insufficiency is characterized by? HYPERPIGMENTATION
What is another term for adrenal insufficiency? ADDISON'S DISEASE
Which term best describes gluconeogenesis? formation of glucose from other substances
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