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Year 8 Geography

Atmosphere The gas around the earth.
Climate The average weather conditions of a place over a long period of time.
Weather The day-to-day condition of the atmosphere.
Water Cycle The never-ending movement of water between the sea,the land and the air.
Reservoir An artificial lake used to store water.
Relief Rain Caused when air is forced to rise over hills and mountains.
Precipitation Water in any form which falls to earth.
Geography The study of the earth's natural features and its people.
Ground Water Fresh water stored in rocks and the soil.
Meteorology The study of weather and what causes it.
Landforms Natural features formed by river, the sea, ice and volcanoes.
Ecosystem A community of plants and animals that live together in the environment.
Evaporation The process by which liquid water changes to water vapour when it is warmed.
Temperature A measure of how warm or cold it is.
Transpiration The process by which water from plants changes into water vapour.
Grid square A square on map representing an area on the ground.
Isobar A line on a map joining places with the same atmospheric pressure.
Hurricane A severe storm that develops over tropical oceans and whose strong winds of more than 120 km/h spiral in toward the intensely low-pressure storm center
Climate zones Polar, Temperate, Tropical.
Latitude lines Lines that run east to west and are parallel to the Equator.
Longitude lines Imaginary north-south lines that run vertically around the globe parallel to the Prime Meridian.
Air Pressure The amount of air pressing on the earth's surface.
Low Air Pressure clouds, precipitation, and other turbulent weather, such as tropical storms and cyclones.
High Air Pressure Pleasant weather conditions. eg sunshine and clear skies.
Low Air Pressure Reading below 1013 mb on a barometer.
High Air Pressure Reading 1013mb and above on a barometer.
Emergent Layer The tallest layer of the rain forest that receives the most sunlight.
Forest floor / shrub layer The lowest level of the rainforest, containing herbaceous plants, fungi, leaf litter, and soil.
Understory layer The layer of the rainforest between the canopy and rainforest floor. It receives little light.
Canopy layer Layer where trees grow close together, blocks most of sunlight and keeps moisture from evaporating
Biome A group of ecosystems with similar climates and organisms.
Saffir-Simpson Scale Classifies hurricanes according to air pressure in the center, wind speed, and property damage potential on a scale ranging from Category 1 to Category 5.
Rainforest An area of lush vegetation and year-round rainfall.
Coastal Landforms Large features within a coastal area formed by processes such as erosion and deposition.
Coast Where the land meets the sea.
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