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Tx Gov

Tx Gov Ch 12

Why are moderate candidates are less likely to become party nominees than are extreme candidates? party purity demonstrates how pure a candidate is to a party that primary and caucus voters are often more extreme in their political beliefs
What are PACs? Political Action Committee
What was the outcome of Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission? No donation limit to Super PACs removed federal spending limits on corporations as violations of free speech.
How are primary elections are conducted in Texa? Semi Open Primary
What is the individual contribution limit to federal candidates? 2,700 per election
What financial contribution limits does Texas has for its state offices? None
What type of primary system Texas use? Run-off Primary
What is a special elections are and when Texas uses them? ratify or reject Texas constitutional amendments fill elected offices that have become vacant between general elections provide approval to borrow money
When does Texas holds its elections for state offices? National Cycle Every 2 years
What is primary raiding? consists of voters of one party crossing over and voting in the primary of another party, effectively allowing a party to help choose its opposition’s candidate
What is “frontloading” and why do states practice it? The practice of moving the primary election day to the beginning of the presidential election cycle so a state’s primary results may influence voters in other state primaries.
Who is the chief election officer for Texas? Secretary of State
Why are primaries are difficult for voters to follow? There's so many canidates
What types of public policies are supported by liberals? They believe that government action is needed for people to be as free as possible
When did Republicans became the state’s dominant party? 1980-2000
What are the levels of the temporary party organization? Precinct -> County -> State
Which generations are more likely to identify as Democrats Younger
How does the political party structure work? Grassroots Building and maintaining the party’s “brand.
What are the different levels of the party organization? precinct -> county-level organization -> state-level organizations -> national party organizations
What types of public policies are supported by conservatives? Support tax cuts and reduced governmental interference policies Promote negative rights Oppose stricter gun control laws Favor increased military spending as opposed to other federal expenditures
Which party opposed desegregation? Democrats
What is political polarization? The degree to which Democrats have become more liberal and Republicans have become more conservative The parties push themselves to the extreme
What are the basic planks of the Progressive party platform? Disclosure requirements for campaign contributions An eight-hour workday A federal income tax Women’s suffrage.
What are the basic policies supported by the libertarian party? Believe in limited government and are typically considered fiscal conservatives and social liberals.
Who leads the party organization.? Party Chair
What is political efficacy? the feeling that they have any influence over the direction of their government.
What party historically dominated Texas? Democrats
What form of voter suppression was mostly used in Texas? Poll Taxes
What is a charter change election? Voters chose whether to adopt changes to the city’s basic governing document recommended by city officials
What type of election is used to remove a public official? Recall elections
What is a bond election? Voters deciding whether to authorize government entities to borrow money.
What is runoff election? An election between the highest the candidates that had the highest total votes in a primary
What are the Texas qualifications for voting? A United States citizen. A resident of the Texas county in which application for registration is made. At least 18 years old on Election Day. Not finally convicted of a felony
What is prospective voting? Occurs when the voter applies information about a candidate’s past behavior to decide how the candidate will act in the future
What is retrospective voting? Occurs when the voter looks at the candidate’s past actions and the past economic climate and decides only using these factors
What are the Texas rules for voting in state primary elections ? A registered voter can participate in any party primary but can only participate in one party’s primary in each election and cannot vote in a party’s runoff election after voting in another party’s primary in the same election.
How does Texas rank among the states in terms of voter turnout? 44th out of 51
What is the basic argument for voter ID laws? They see increasing requirements for identification to prevent in-person voter impersonation and increase public confidence in the election process.
What is the basic argument against voter ID laws? There is little fraud of this kind, and the burden on voters, especially specific voter demographics, restricts the right to vote and imposes unnecessary costs and administrative burdens on elections administrators.
What did James Madison say concerning the danger of factions. minorities who would organize around issues they felt strongly about, possibly to the detriment of the majority. They would dominate society and destroy individual rights
What does a lobbyists do? Someone who represents the interest organization before the government, is usually compensated for doing so, and is required to register with the government in which he or she lobbies, whether state or federal
What is a professional association ? Interest groups of individuals involved in the same professions.
What is a trade association ? Interest groups of companies involved in the same business.
Wat is is the limit on donations of PAC’s in Texas? None
What is the “friendly incumbent rule”? They avoid backing challengers to incumbent legislators
What is grassroots lobbying? A lobbying movement driven by a large number of ordinary constituents.
What is “covert content”? Political information provided under the pretense that it is neutral Media made to predispose a reader to an idea
How have changes in media format and ownership have impacted the “independence” of source information? They must provide some public services while following laws and regulations Media has been condensed into a small group of individuals
What interest groups possess the most power in Texas? Groups of local governments Texas Municipal League (TML) and the Texas Association of Counties
What is cultivation theory? The hypothesis that the media develop a person’s world views by presenting a perceived reality. to cultivate ideas with in the media consumer
How does thematic framing work in the media? Takes a broad look at an issue and skips numbers or details
Which party promoted desegregation? Republicans
Which generations are more likely to identify as Republican? Older
Created by: Kopa
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