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CCC Ped Diarrhea

CCC Pediatric Diarrhea

Diarrhea symptom that may result from digestive, absorptive, and secretory functions, caused by abnormal intestinal water and electrolyte transport
Number of child deaths resulting from diarrhea in developing countries 24%
GI disturbances involved in Diarrhea Stomach and intestines (gastroenteritis); small intestine (enteritis); colon (colitis); colon and intestines (enterocolitis)
Two classifications of diarrhea Acute diarrhea and chronic nonspecific diarrhea (CNSD)
Acute Diarrhea sudden increase in frequency and a change in consistency of stools, often caused by infectious agents in GI tract, self-limited (<14 days), subsides without specific treatment. Treat for dehydration if it occurs
Chronic Nonspecific Diarrhea (CNSD) irratible colon or childhood and toddler's diarrhea, common cause of diarrhea 6m - 54m, may be linked to dietary indiscretions, food sensitivities, excessive juice and artificial sugar intake
Acid Diarrhea causes metabolic acidosis
Diagnosing Diarhhea history includes recent travel, drinking untreated drinking water, contact wit animals or birds, daycare attendance, antibiotics, diet changes
Labs for diagnosing severe diarrhea stool specimen, cultures, BUN, blood studies (CBCs)
Therapeutic management of diarrhea assess fluid/electrolyte imbalance, rehydration, fluid therapy, adequate diet, BRATT, reintroduce fluids slowly to prevent cerebral hemmorhaging, do not give milk products, prevent with RotaTeq vaccine (2,4,6m)
Nursing Care Management of diarrhea protect skin from irritating stools; prevent fecal-oral route, encourage handwashing
BRATT banana, rice-cereal, applesauce, toast, tea
Created by: RJost