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A&P - 2


Which is the hormone is generally found in women but not in men? Prolactin
A sharp drop of blood pressure could cause a release of Renin, ADH, and Aldosterone
The pancreas is located in behind the stomach
The Adrenals are located on top of the kidneys
The parasympatetic N.S is responsible for arousal of male & female and activation of the digestive system
Fertilization takes place: in the Fallopian tubes
A fertilized egg is called a zygote
Breast feeding Prolactin
Where does the Endocrine hormone secrete into blood
What is the study of endocrine system? Endocrinology
What are hormones? chemicals that act as messengers to change activit of target cells.
Two main classes os hormones are Amino Acid Based and Steroid/Lipid based
Humoral changes: changes in chemistry of blood or body fluid
Neural changes: direct stimulation of endocrine tissue from nervous system
Hormonal changes: glands can be stimulated by hormones released by other glands
GH Growth Hormone- Stimulates growth & maintain, size of body. It takes all cells especially mm & bone.
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone- Stimulate Thyroid gland
ACTH Adrenocortropic Hormone- stimulate Adrenal gland (Cortex)
What secretes by glands and travel to other hormones? Tropic Hormones
FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone- Stimulate gonads stimulates egg develop women & sperm production in men
LH Leutinizing Hormone- Stimulate gonads- release ovum from ovaries in women & testosterone in men
MSH Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone- stimulates melanocytes in skin to produce melanin -- pigmentation
ADH Anti-diuretic hormone- helps water balance by maintaining water in body also known as Vassopressor.
PSH Prolactin- stimulate mamary glands to produce milk
The difference bt endocrine & exocrine glands is: exocrine has ducts
A hormone is released into bloodstream and: travels to every cell in the body & only target cells that have receptor sites for that hormone.
Which of the following is a steriod hormones? Estrogen
Myxeden is from an under secretion of: THyroid Hormones
Lack of THyroid hormones in infancy can result in: Cretinism
Where is the Adrenohypophosis located? Anterior part of the Pituitary
Vasopressor helps to increase blood pressure
Diabetes Insipidus under secretion od ADH
Oxytocin stimulates uterine contractions
Acromegaly over sececretion of G.H. in an adult
Dwarfism under secretion of G.H.
Gigantism growing child/ over secretion of Growth Hormone
Where is Thyroid Gland located? in anterior neck
Thyroglobulin sticky glycoprotein that produces hormones
Colloid contains Thyroglobulin
What causes ovalation? FSH
What produces Parafollicular cells? Calcitonin
Lack od iodine Colloidal goiter
What causes dry skin, colds, constipation, puffy eyes? Myxedema
What helps lower blood calcium levels? Calcitonim
Protruding eyes Exopthalamos
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