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Negative prefix

become no longer visible disappear V.)
take weapons away from someone disarm
throw something away discard (V.)
Refuse to believe disbelieve
Reveal, make something known disclose
To stop doing something discontinue (V.)
To reduce the price discount (N.)
To take away someone's confidence or somebody's hope of doing something discourage (V.)
To find or learn about a place or an object for the first time discover (V.)
Damage the good reputation discredit (V.)
Loss of reputation or respect discredit (N.)
Not honest dishonest (Adj.)
Not loyal, not faithful disloyal (Adj.)
Not satisfied dissatisfied
To cancel the effect of something Undo (V.)
To remove one's clothes Undress (V.)
To open something that is rolled up Unroll (V.)
To remove somebody or something that is tied Untie (V.)
To undo the covering that wraps something Unwrap (V.)
For which official permission has not been given Unauthorized (Adj.)
Too difficult to believe Unbelievable (Adj.)
Too many to be counted Uncountable (Adj.)
Not damaged or not spoiled Undamaged (Adj.)
Not wanted Undesirable (Adj.)
No work, job Unemployment (N.)
That will stay forever in memory Unforgetable (Adj.)
Not friendly Unkind (Adj.)
Not lucky Unlucky (Adj.)
Not popular Unpopular (Adj.)
Not related or not connected Unrelated (Adj.)
Not reliable Unreliable (Adj.)
Not satisfied Unsatisfied (Adj.)
To bring goods from a foreign country import (V.) - im + p
To cause strong feelings, especially among a lot of people inflame (V.) - in + other consonants
To make something part of the whole incorporate (V) - in + other consonants
To put in at speed a drug or other substance into somebody or something inject (V.) - in + other consonants
To breathe in inhale (V.) - in + other consonants
To have a particular plan in mind intend (V.) - in + other consonants
Against the law, not legal illegal (Adj.) - il + l
Not able to read or write illiterate (Adj.) - il + l
Not balance imbalanced (N.) - im + b
Not possible impossible (Adj.) - im + p
No able to be measured immeasurable (Adj.) - im + m
Not regular irregular (Adj.) - ir + r
Not responsible irresponsible (Adj.) - ir + r
Not complete incomplete (Adj.) - in + other consonants
Not tolerable intolerable (Adj.) - in + other consonants
Not correct incorrect (Adj.) - in + other consonants
Created by: Blacko
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